July 28, 2019

High Tea, High Return: Imagine High Tea Perth With Us!

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Imagine High Tea With Noop Cafe!

Today, many upscale venues in Perth offer high tea as an exclusive light dining experience with a traditionally elegant flair. The use of “high” references the original history of the occasion, but is more about are high value experience and social occasion.

Ok, so maybe us becoming a Noop Cafe is a little bit of a stretch… however as far as little bit of trivia goes there was once upon a time a Noop Cafe in Gumdale (Brisbane). While we’re not technically a cafe, we’ve have been successful in realising market opportunity and been part of the brand/marketing journey of successful Perth high tea brands/venues.

The trend in Perth for better customer experiences, has created a unique niche and gap in the market that allows ordinary cafe and venues, to extend into a different market and offer something special that can be booked in groups or for events. This is a compelling proposition that greatly improves revenue potential for business.

High Tea Origins

High tea began as something for royals and the upper class to look forward to and greet the evening in a pleasant and social fair, while reflecting and planning their days in a luxurious way. During the ups and downs of English history in the eighteenth century, it also gained popularity with laborers were further far from their homes and required a break from work by 6 pm. It was a treat, a special thing to do.

Originally it is about drinking tea while sitting in high / decorated seats at a table with deliciously plated treats. Some things you could expect were gourmet meats, vegies, peppered with servings of mixed greens, pies, tarts, hand made bread or wafers with spread, tea & high quality cakes. It’s basically a reference to a special kind of supper, evolved from the colloquial reference of “tea” as dinner (with tea).

There is an inherit design value to the experience, promotion, furniture presentation of high tea.

Here at Noop we’ve helped many venues kickstart their High Tea experience – from brand to implementation. We can help you too!

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