February 12, 2019

Does Google Adwords Management Really Work?

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Google wouldn’t be Google without its advertising business. The online search giant may have its fingers in many pies, but it’s Google Adwords which bring in the bulk of their revenue (around 97%). This statistic is important because it highlights how Google’s income relies a great deal on the search giant maintaining a successful ad platform.

However, when you find yourself in a discussion on whether Google Ads or PPC (pay per click) ads work, you will invariably hear a few people mention they never click on display ads, and they don’t know anybody who has.

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What Are Google Adwords Perth (PPC) Ads?

Whenever a phrase is entered the search field on Google’s home page, Google will return relevant results which their algorithm has calculated as the best solution or answer to the searcher’s query. Most search terms will also trigger advertisements related to the search phrase.

Google goes to great lengths to ensure that its paid listings are easily distinguishable from the organic search results. However, the average searcher won’t notice or care that the link they clicked on was a paid advertisement.

If they get the information they need, they are satisfied. From the organisation’s point of view, they have received a solid marketing lead who is now in the sales funnel and one step closer to becoming a paying customer.

The Reality of Google Adwords Perth

The reality is, while there will always be people who will never click on an ad (or at least think they don’t or won’t), billions more are happy to use the Google AdWords ads displayed on the search pages to find what they want.

Google wouldn’t be displaying ads if they didn’t produce revenue, and millions of businesses around the world wouldn’t be helping to fill Google’s coffers if they weren’t getting a return on their investment. So Google Adwords paired with great SEO services can be a winning formula for your business.

Proof That Google Adwords Perth Works

Because they can reach 80% of global internet searchers, Google Ads are an advertising medium that arguably has the highest potential to reach the largest audience. Let’s have a look at a few more compelling statistics:

• In 2019 (this year), Google’s advertising revenue topped $116 billion.
• Google Ads convert 50% better than the organic search results.
• Consumers who are exposed to display ads are 155% more likely to search for brand-related information.

It takes time to find strategies that work for any given advertising platform, and Google display ads are no different. But once you have developed an effective campaign, your ROA (Return on Ad Spend) can be significant. The Google Economic Impact Report reveals that businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads.

Other interesting statistics that show off the effectiveness of Google PPC campaigns include mobile searches, with 70% of mobile users calling a business directly from Google Search.

Mobile is becoming increasingly important for Google Adwords advertising, as 70% of searchers will also act within an hour after seeing a Google AdWords advertisement on mobile search.

Many variables go into creating a successful Google Adwords Perth campaign, and not all will be successful. However, you can improve your results by using experienced Google AdWords Management Perth agencies who understand the inner workings of the platform.

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Let us help with you Google Adwords Perth

The right Google Adwords Perth Agency converts, so let Noop help your business put its best foot forward. Speak to one of our Adwords Management Perth team members about the best approach for you, drop us a line at enquiries@noop.com.au or call us on (08) 9317 1540, we are always happy to chat without the heavy sales pitch.

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