August 1, 2019

How to bring your next app idea to life!

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Thinking about enhancing your brand identity or launching that next big app idea? A custom-built mobile application can be incredibly powerful. Branding experts know that it takes a truly engaging, interactive experience to captivate audiences in spades and now, businesses like yours are no longer limited to just a website.

Having an app all of your own gives you limitless possibilities to extend the capabilities of your sales, brand awareness or customer retention campaigns. Or better yet providing a scalable platform that solves a key problem or delivers value to a customer need, opens the door to 10X growth and revenue potential. The power of a well designed application can go beyond simply automating process, saving time, or creating passive revenue. It has the capability to enhance safety or even cultural metrics.

For example here’s one of our custom designs that empower users to easily manage safety and quality performance. It provides key insights and analytics to management and supports safety culture.

Mobile App Development Perth

And if you’re a fan of data-driven decisions, you’ll love how measurable an app can be! Whether you’re interested in tracking location data, monetary patterns, frequency of usage or outside interests, the right design can collate invaluable customer data that can inform your marketing campaigns elsewhere, as well as providing a solid framework of feedback to continuously improve user experiences within your application, showing your customers that you listen and care.

That’s powerful.

Mobile Applications are no longer the exclusive domain of larger brands and have become a viable way to support business processes for smaller organisations. Native app development can still be a large investment, however there are other cost effective options that can deliver requirements depending on the level of integration with lower level hardware functions. Here at Noop, we strive for efficient, best value solutions while still never delivering ‘ordinary’. We push for innovation, leveraging an agile approach that allows maximum flexibility in scope while eliminating potential wasted coding hours. We work with cutting edge brands that move quickly in highly competitive and dynamic markets. Without an intelligent marketing approach from the onset you are risking being outdone by the competition, or your idea obsolete before development is completed.

More than just your average Perth app developers

In our constant endeavour to provide value, efficiency and quality to clients, we’ve developed a unique conceptualisation process allowing you to get hands on with your ideas fast. This results in a dramatically reduced development time frame, a better understanding of direction and bigger savings.

Take for example out latest case study for our client, McDonalds. We utilised the latest trends in UI/UX design, including functional animation, overlays, creative navigation, graphic design, typography and gamification. As well as more common native IOS/Android, flat and material designs. Clear, beautiful and modern user interfaces with and intuitive experience result in greater adoption and retention of users for your application. From initial discussions to getting you published on the major stores, we’re always excited by the next big idea.

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It’s not just the behind the scenes coding that matters, today’s sophisticated customer is savvy to user experience that helps them connect with their application. They have no place for ugly, overtly complex apps on their shiny new devices. Unless you and they understand the complete UI/UX process, then driving a team of developers to simply get the job done is an absolute waste of time and money. At Noop, we understand what it takes to deliver a platform with 10X capability from start to finish.

The average Australian consumer is now spending 86% of their mobile usage time on mobile apps, accessing daily information and importantly, engaging with brands just like yours. Don’t waste this opportunity… now is the time for your business to be ahead of the competition by implementing enterprise apps where appropriate (both internally and externally) to increase your engagement with employees and customers.

Mobile App Development Perth | App Developer Perth | Noop

Here at Noop we offer a premium service for mobile app development in Perth and throughout Australia.

To speak to one of our team about the best approach for you drop us a line at enquiries@noop.com.au or call us on (08) 9317 1540, we are always happy to drop by for a visit and a chat.

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