August 1, 2019

Choosing the right web design agency for your business

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So you are on the hunt for the right local provider for your next web project? You’ve explored some options but you want to make sure you make the absolute best decision before you pull the trigger. It’s actually one of the biggest and most important business decisions you are likely to make. So to help you we’ve put together a few points to consider when narrowing down the best fit providers and help you make the right choice.

The first step is to reframe you perception of your project goal to not just meet minimum requirements. As a business you don’t just need a website, all your competitors already have one of those. You need a high user experience that is engaging, high converting and designed to bring customers back time and time again. You need an experienced team that will work with you to develop a truly compelling online experience for your users, one that utilises mature industry-leading web design and development processes.

In today’s competitive local market a website is so much more than just a tick of the box in the process of setting up a business. It’s your digital sales front to the world and should be clear, professional and capable of closing the deal. We know how to build stunning websites that integrates marketing sophistication with your brand, but one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is that we understand the importance of alignment between your business objectives, marketing strategy and brand design all the way down to your website’s technical performance.

We believe that great design and content in combination with a thorough and focused strategy is what sets your online presence apart from the masses and delivers your point of difference to your potential clients. For example here at Noop, we guide you through the process and achieve results by:

  • Ensuring your website visually resonates with your target audience
  • Clearly and compellingly communicating your value proposition.
  • Delivering UX (user experience) while being search engine friendly for Google and Bing.
  • Building on WordPress to allow for easy updates and edits.
  • Optimising your site for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Affordable sites & no lock in contracts.
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There are countless web agencies online, so differentiating one Perth website developer from another can be somewhat daunting.  We have put together some things to consider:

Customer Journey and UX (User experience) 
Some websites work intuitively, logically and effortlessly, and just some don’t! In most cases this comes down to how well your website designer and developer has planned for the user experience – UX. It is the culmination of the user interaction at every touchpoint of the web platform, starting with the right brand alignment. Ensuring your users have an engaging and seamless user experience is the difference between them clicking through your site and having a positive journey, ultimately converting to a sale, to the other end of the spectrum where they simply click on your site and bounce right off. In other words, you might want to give your user the high-end Gucci experience, not the Red Dot special.
Another important aspect of UX is building a Responsiveness website. This may seem obvious but there are still so many websites out there that are not compatible with mobiles or tablet or completely devoid of any visual hierarchy. Which is quite scary considering over 50% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device. A responsive design will ensure users of your website have the best online experience and in turn increase your business’s visibility on Search engines.

Will you be part of a client driven or expert driven process

This extremely important to consider as your time commitment (and potentially stress level) will vary greatly depending on your provider’s capability. It’s not something you will realise unless you have been part of the web design process previously. Visualise talking with your new provider and ask yourself this – Do you feel they can proactively do the heavy lifting manage the best outcome or do you feel you may need to actively drive the process? This is a huge differentiator of project success. A relatable analogy would be building a brand new house with and award winning experienced builder vs being an owner builder for the first time. With the experienced builder, rou let them know you dream, you intended lifestyle,  key preferences and they complete the project beautifully within a set time frame with everything considered. You basically input on the finer details. On the other hand taking on the role of owner builder for the first time means you are trying to coordinate and plan everything, success at this point just feels like getting the nightmare over with and moving on. It’s basically the difference between project success and one big mess.

For example here at Noop we don’t just give you what you want, we show you what you need. We can do this by drawing on a vast range of experiences and outcomes from working with a diverse range of clients in many industries, so we provide the marketing value add of knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t. We encourage you to consider the perceived up front cost savings in relation to your ideal outcome.  It really pays in the long them to not cut corners initially with lower cost providers. Your most precious commodity is time and the time impact can be significant.

Is their Web Design team in-house or outsourced?

This is an often overlooked and critical factor in determining the quality and level of service you will experience. While not outsourced options are inherently bad there are some knock on effects for you when it comes to the quality and timeliness of the design. You may experience delays with requests, poor quality control or some limitations in team of the openness and flexibility of what can be done. Further more it’s much easier to chat directly with the team working on your project over a coffee and know that you are all on the same page.

Flexibility during the design process

Some providers are very rigid in their design and development process when it comes to what they perceive as a customer changing their mind, or what counts as a major or minor revision. The only issue with this from a client perspective is that you are unable to explore the possibilities of what could work. Great design while planned is also a form of progressive elaboration and a highly collaborative process. For example here at Noop we believe we adapt and agile process of rapid iteration of concepts in order to shape the ideal outcome. However while this introduces more overhead into the review process we have found it produces the best result.  Always ensure you have enough freedom and flexibility to capture or test  adhoc ideas during the process to avoid blowing your budget or experiencing any disappointment or mismatch of expectations.

Designing for for easy maintenance and ongoing client updates

It may sound simple, but always ask if you are committed to you new provider for the long-haul or if they will assist you to easily move providers or enable you to make minor updates in-house. You need ensure you actually own the complete website outright. We’ve helped countless clients transition from low cost providers that seemed appealing at first, but failed to consider the TCO of their web property.

Don’t be put off by perceived complexity. In fact building a website on WordPress has never been so easy, with over 32% of the internet now using it, its straightforward, simple and clean design makes it incredibly user friendly which is one of the reasons why so many brands such as Sony, Disney and Facebook are using it.  From example, here at we aim to deliver cost-effective custom WordPress websites that empower clients with easy updates. The idea is so that we never lock our clients into after sales contracts, they can take your site to any other provider, utilise and existing team member as an admin or even take it over yourself.
WordPress not for you? That’s ok too, ask us about which other platforms are available and what would suit your needs.

Fast, easy domains and local hosting
An often overlooked but very important aspect of your online presence is to ensure you select the right hosting provider for your website. When it comes to Googles metrics and algorithms, not all hosting providers are made equal. Yes, they will provide basic hosting services for your site but to gain maximum results from your website’s performance you will need an Australian based server that ensures optimal load speed. Ensuring you make the right choice from the get-go is imperative to safeguarding your business success. We know what Google wants and can provide the best hosting options for your needs.

At Noop we aim to take the complexity out of your decision making by through systematic approach to aligning design outcomes with you business needs and validating against marketing demand. Understanding the right timing and having the right team alongside you are critical in a successful return on your investment.

An often overlooked component is the creation of content for your new web design

Creating and coordinating content for your site may seem daunting, however it is no different than any other form of content marketing, and its there for one main objective, and that is to generate revenue for you and your business. You will need to consider whether this is something you need your provider to facilitate.

Not only do we know what your ideal customer and Google wants from a website, we know why and how, and with a strong focus on conversion, lead generation and ROI, Noop offers more than just pretty designs. Here are just a few of the copy related strategies we advise to help ensure that your site is rewarded by Google:

1. Strong Headlines and Titles – Statistics show that the majority of web users will only read the title or headings on a page with very few actually reading the article itself. So ensuring your post or page has applicable but catchy and intriguing titles is an absolute must.

2. Relevant and Informative Content – Original copy is a must, it not only benefits the visitors to your site, but it is  also a must for Google. As obvious as this may sound, your content really has to be appealing to your target audience and to the users who are browsing your site. You know your business, but potential clients do not, so ensure you are writing copy that is relevant and insightful for your industry and the kind of business you have. This will ensure users gain the understanding they were searching for when they clicked on your link. Keep in mind that although Google does tend to reward sites with regular posts and original content, they do want that content to be relative and useful to the end user.

3. To keep it short, or not? – Word count is an interesting one, while Google prefers pages and posts with a minimum of 500 words, users ultimately just want information from that page, and they want it fast. As mentioned above, they don’t want to have to skim through copious amounts text to find what they are looking for, so finding the right balance can be a challenge. We know copywriting can be hard and its not something that comes naturally or easily to everyone, that why we have some of the best copywriters on hand for when you need that extra bit of help.

4. Fresh and Updated Copy – How often you update your copy really depends on the type of  business and website you have. As times change you will need to ensure that the information you are putting out is still relevant and current, so regularly reviewing your existing pages is an absolute must. Another benefit is that every time you post a new article, its another chance at someone finding you online.

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It’s not enough just to be online….. your website should convey your brand story to the world.

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Ready to start your Web Design Perth Journey?

Here at Noop we provide a premium service not only in Perth but throughout Australia. Speak to one of our team about the best approach for your business drop us a line or call us on (08) 9317 1540, we are always happy to drop by for a visit and a chat.

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