August 1, 2019

Pushing Your Brand Further With Graphic Design

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To illustrate the power of visual communication and how it can truly propel you brand message, we thought we’d contextualize our experience in a highly competitive, growing home market of Perth as a real world example.  Hailed by the New York Times as a “city embodying all things right about cities”, the are many amazing things we love about our home city. A place that blends urban cool with raw natural beauty. From our amazing beaches, inner city parks to vibrant new bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Furthermore our city is home to many talented designers, artists and creators. It’s no wonder we’ve been dubbed a “hipster haven”!

With a growing city comes increased competition, so ensuring your Perth business stands out from the crowd is vital. As we all know, first impressions count and make a lasting impression. It may be clichéd but when it comes to the visual identity of your business, design is so important. Its common knowledge that the brain processes visual images faster than it can process text, but what might surprise you is that it processes those images around 60,000 times faster! So, it won’t come as a shock when we tell you just how important it is to capture the right visual aesthetic for your business.

So what exactly is Graphic design?

Graphic design or visual communication as its sometimes known, is the art of creating visual ideas that are used to communicate a message or idea through the use of art and technology. From a commercial perspective, the inherit output of great graphic design is the very definition of the call to action. It is a stimulus designed to trigger an engineered and emotional response.

At Noop, we consider our team members to be creative problem solvers. We design innovative solutions for your business needs. Through the power of design, we draw on your brand story and values in order to envoke a powerful emotional response from you ideal clients for successful conversion.

Here are some examples of how we maximise this potential for clients:

Graphic Design Perth

At a professional level there is more to graphic design than just implementation of visual output. Unlike other providers we are not a creative agency in the true definition, instead we work with our clients to through a multidisciplinary marketing and business improvement approach to integrate great design with powerful and insightful brand messaging. Our approach may initially seem more scientific than artistic, however there is a refined process for achieving this level of consistency in results. A systematic process not enables repeatable and powerful connections with your audience and allows for a stronger ROI on your design investment.We tailor all our projects to the specific needs of each client, which can range from corporate branding and accompanying collateral to compete rebrands from the ground up. In terms of delivery our team has experience in all forms of visual disciplines and mediums. Results, processes and capabilities aside there is always a creativity, soul and emotional aspect to the work we do.

Great design must draw attention immediately, or bring about an emotional response. Our highly skilled and passionate designers finds real solutions, visual hooks and patterns that compel your desired customers to emotionally connect with your brand. We believe that there is a technicality, an artistry and psychology to every piece of work, and know how important it is to create a synergy between the copy and visual direction – to intelligently push the design limit.

We have an intrinsic passion and love of design. We have the spark and team synergy that cleverly and genuinely puts all the pieces in place. You will see our passion in the soul of each piece of work we do, and that echoes all the way through to the clients of our clients.

The passion from our design team flows through to the message you bring to your customer. Knowing the right story to tell isn’t always that hard, finding the right team to express it, that’s the real challenge. But don’t just take our word for it, take the word of our clients who share our marketing vision.  They demand a competitive advantage and so should you. Our clients not only demand the best, they deserve the best!

Graphic Design Perth

At a commercial level it’s extremely important to engage a provider with a thorough understanding of localised demographic. They need to be fully immersed in your brand, understand the competitive landscape, and deeply understand your ideal customers wants, their needs. Everything from your logo design to typography to supporting imagery should be aligned with your brand story, visions and values. When you employ expert designers to cleverly communicate your message, the result is seamless. Your audience just gets it.  That’s why at Noop, throughout every project, we employ the five cornerstones of effective design, Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test! The result? Your customers don’t just see your brand… they feel it, because Noop brings both design expertise and call to actions together to create powerful visual communication materials for your brand or service.

The advantage of engaging with a professional graphic design team such as Noop is that your business has access to a range of related services that includes brand identity (including logo design and brand and style guides) as well as more tradition forms such as print marketing collateral (incl. business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, stationary and signage). Once we get to know your brand, minimal briefs are required meaning greater efficiency and turnaround times. It’s like having your own in house design team, minus the additional overhead. We also specialise in digital visual marketing collateral including web design and app development.

Panasonic Australia

Over the past 100 years, the Panasonic brand has become a trusted name in durable, innovative business and consumer electronics. With a focus on the future through better connected technology, success has come from strong customer focus, and ability to solve demanding technology problems, delivering capabilities in a way that just works.

8 Yolks Cafe
Straying away from the restaurant cliché, we were tasked with creating a fresh new approach for the brunch experience. Our aim was to create a repeatable, scalable “experience” that conveyed a premium feeling, within a casual dining experience with multiple layers of intrigue.

If there’s one thing that all businesses have in common, it’s that they undoubtedly have a little healthy competition. And with your competitors everywhere, you can’t afford to sleep on invaluable branding and marketing opportunities like perfecting your visual identity through compelling and effective graphic design.

Considerations to help your search for the right graphic designer:

  • What is your primary business objective for your next project?
  • How can this objective be maximised by the expertise of an external local team?
  • Can your organisation leverage an external team to provide a fresh perspective?
  • Are you an established brand with clearly defined guidelines?
  • How can your selected provider interface with your marketing team and processes for seamless internal approvals?
Graphic Design Perth | Graphic Designer Perth | Noop

Let us help

Great design converts, so let Noop help your business put its best foot forward. Speak to one of our team about the best approach for you, drop us a line at enquiries@noop.com.au or call us on (08) 9317 1540, we are always happy to chat without the heavy sales pitch.

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