August 2, 2019

Does my business really need SEO to succeed?

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So… you have a great website but you’re not making sales.

It’s a common misconception that having a great website will automatically bring in more sales. While it is essential to have an up to date, modern and responsive website unfortunately it really is only half the battle.

After some time waiting for the influx of emails and calls and a whole lot of frustration you wonder what’s the best way forward? Is it through online advertising? Or do I try make sure I’m found every time someone searches for my business’ product or service?

You do some investigating and you read up about the holy grail of a page one result for your business, you imagine how things would change if this was you. The increased sales, the possibility, the fact you can sleep again at night. So it’s natural to think the next big step is to implement an effective SEO strategy to allow you to start ranking competitively on Google and Bing, in turn transforming that great website into increased traffic and ultimately a 24/7 sales machine. However is this the most effective strategy for your business? The answer as you’ve imagined isn’t always straight forward. Before we delve into the best approach, let’s quickly clarify the definition of Search Engine Optimisation so we’re all on the same page.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.) obtain the organic information of a certain webpage in order to bring that given website to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Organic results are any search rankings that you do not have to pay to have displayed. This forms the majority of search results. Within this there are two main types of SEO to consider; onsite and offsite. Onsite refers to how your page is optimised as to increase its SERP results, while Offsite generally refers to links to your pages from external sources. There are also three types of approaches. White hat is the most legitimate of the three and refers to how you follow the rules of the search engine to move your page up the SERP. Black hat involves far more unusual techniques and exploits flaws in the algorithm of the search engine to artificially move your page up the SERP. And finally, Grey hat, a combination of both white and black hat and this is the most common technique used to optimise a website.

“Does my business really need SEO?”

Once you a fabulous website with wonderful products and/or information you are going to need a good search engine optimisation plan in place so your can be found online. Over the last decade customer behaviour has changed to a point where as soon as we need to find an answer to a question, or have a need, out comes the smart phone and in goes a quick Google or Bing search, or your choice of search engine. Users trust these search engines to deliver them the top results for the search term.

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A good SEO strategy will help drive more traffic to your online shop, blog or website, resulting in more traffic thus fulfilling your business objectives.

It all goes back to trust, understanding your customer, solving a need and building relationships. Technical aspects aside, modern SEO follows the same premise. You provide service and value and you become in demand. The more in demand you are the more people talk about your brand both on and offline.

In the same way you are reading this very article, you need to start thinking about how you can help potential customers and make a difference for them whether they have purchased yet or not. In fact the best thing to do is consider every singe moments in your customers journey and how you could add value to them in that moment. From them researching a product or service in a general sense, through to them searching for reviews, through to narrowing down a list of local providers. Here is a great example from Google on what this looks like from a customer perspective and how this can work for a local business.

As a search engine Google simply measures this via how many times your brand is mentioned, linked to, engaged with, shared gets positive reviews etc. Positive ranking is actually the synergistic effect of hard work and commitment to customer value and satisfaction, it does not work the other way around. For example common misconception is that if a business suddenly Ranks number 1 for their most desired search term tomorrow, everything else falls into place.

Ok, so what then is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a method of strategic marketing that can be used to create and distribute reliable and valuable content towards your specific target audience. This will ultimately lead to profitable customer action. As traditional means of marketing are becoming less and less effective in the modern, technological world, content marketing is seen as the preferred method of marketing moving forward.

Content marketing opposes traditional marketing in the sense that instead of you pitching your products and/or services to your customers, you instead provide useful content to them, which is relevant to helping them solve their problems. There are 3 key reasons that companies will choose content marketing over other methods. These are to increase sales, to increase cost saving methods and to improve customer loyalty.

What’s the difference then between SEO and Content Marketing?

When comparing the differences between content marketing and SEO, many aspects become apparent. First of all, Search Engine Optimisation is far more technical than content marketing and places much more emphasis on your web design structure and behaviour. Content marketing then refers to how this information is used to gain more online exposure using your specific content. Aspects that you should focus on when thinking about both are also different. When optimising your website, you must make sure that your site has proper titles, a working Uniform Resource Locator (URL), loads reasonably fast, and has a user-friendly menu and pictures along with their correct tags. When looking at content marketing, you must then decide on what content is published, how to present your content and how you can promote this content to appeal to your target audience. However, despite the differences between the two, having both working together successfully should ultimately be your goal.

You can learn more about how this relates to content marketing strategy here.

Can Website Optimisation and Content Marketing Work Together?

While SEO and content marketing refer broadly to vastly different aspects of your website, they need to also work together to achieve the highest possible level of success. The collaboration between the two can be seen with the example of how visible your page is to others. Optimising prepares your website and allows it to be highly visible in search engine results. Once new content is published on your site, search engines will record it, allowing that particular page to be seen when that sort of content is searched for. Gradually, as more content is published, your organic traffic will increase and ideally, you will be able to begin to convert visitors to customers. Good content will entice others to share your link on social media; this too will increase your online traffic as well as generate online exposure. Content will then also attract links from other websites. This will have a positive effect on off-site results, allowing your ranking on the SERP to increase and in turn, organic traffic. Therefore, it has been shown that SEO and content marketing have the ability to work together to optimise your content to the point where it can be seen in a variety of places, which will ultimate lead to an increase in visitors to your page.

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How do you find the best partner for your business?

The first place to start would be through your professional and B2B (Business to business) networks. Speaking to other businesses and clientele about who they use and who they found to achieve the best results would be one step in the right direction. Another great tool is through social media, companies and bloggers tend to be big on Twitter so watch out for the who’s who and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask the questions that you want to ask, you might even want to enquire about who they recommend. For example, here at Noop we do not believe in locking our clients in to lengthy contracts. This is not the Noop way. We are confident in our SEO techniques and firmly believe that if we do not deliver then you, our client should be free to walk away. But rest assured we haven’t met a client yet who has chosen to leave us.

There are so many “SEO Experts” in Perth to choose from. In some circles it has a bad name, but we aim to challenge that stigma by providing an honest and transparent service at a fair and reasonable price. Noop has helped a diverse range of clients climb to page one on Google for their desired keyword search terms. But it’s no small feat, it does take time and it does take commitment but we are here to ease the stress. Sites with great onsite optimisation don’t have to be visually unappealing, when you work Noop we work with you to ensure your website looks as beautiful as when you first launched it, if not better!

How Noop can help:

Whether you are a small start-up business or a larger corporate client, we have the expertise to work with you to identify your target market and implement a plan to work with Googles ever changing algorithms. Optimising your site builds trust within your market and in turn can allow you to become an authority within your field thus generating more traffic and ultimately more sales. At Noop we take pride in your success and part of our goal is to deliver you with a tangible return on your investment.

A few points to take into consideration when you do narrow down your selection is the trust and rapport you have with a company, ensuring your visions and expectations are aligned will set you up for a good working relationship. As with anything, if you leave the conversation feeling a little uneasy or unsure then perhaps you need to rethink that affiliation and continue your search.

The game is always changing in the world of optimisation, it’s more than just keywords, niches, budget and relevance, its an ongoing dance to keep on top of Google Algorithms.

A good strategy is a considered approach that requires a deep understanding of your ideal client’s behaviours, motivations and purchasing phases. Relevance and qualified keywords are one component, but to be truly be effective you need to understand the culmination of moments that create the opportunities for when the new agile consumer is most likely to convert.

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We know how overwhelming optimising your website for SEO can be.

So if you need some help and want to discuss if it’s the right approach for you business, give us a call on (08) 9317 1540 or drop us a line at enquiries@noop.com.au.

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