July 31, 2019

Choosing The Best Local Digital Marketing Agency

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Ok, so you’re looking for local digital marketing services, or a reliable Perth digital agency and feel like you’re going around in circles?

You’ve spent time searching, reviewing  referral recommendations, wading through page after page of “spiel” and after a while it all starts looking and sounding the same. In fact you’ve probably grown more and more sceptical every time time you come across the tag “we’re different”, immediately followed by the pre-emptive plea of “we know it may sound unoriginal and every agency says they’re different, but really we are!”

Or perhaps you’ve simply narrowed it down to a few select providers but you’re still unsure whether they’re the right fit or even on the same page when it comes to how to achieve the strongest outcomes.

Or even worse, you’ve encountered page of after page of comical antics like these:

We agree – it’s not impressive at all.

Aside from great satire and ridiculous cliché, from a professional client’s perspective this play into the stereotype is very worrying indeed. Our thoughts about this type of image is that “if this is what they do with their business… just imagine what they’ll do with yours?”

Let’s take some time now to understand what successful digital marketing actually requires and what specific services you need before going further in the decision making process. This should help you fill in the gaps so you can make an informed decision. The best place to start is by taking a step back and first asking the question – what exactly is digital marketing?

In simple terms it is defined as the marketing of products or services using digital mediums to reach the most relevant target market. The key implementation objective is to promote a brand through the most optimal digital channels.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are very similar in a sense that they both aim to:

  • Give all digital marketing activities direction for the future.
  • Analyse the organisations internal resources, external environment and its capabilities to inform strategy.
  • Outline your objectives and help support marketing objectives.
  • Provide a variety of strategic options to achieve objectives and to create a differential competitive advantage that is sustainable.
  • Address the target markets, discover where it is positioned in the market and discover how it fits in the marketing mix.
  • Address the strategies not worth pursuing and determine which tactics are not suitable to implement.
  • Specify the deployment of resources and organisational structure to achieve the strategy.

A digital marketing strategy on the other hand defines how a company should establish channel-specific objectives and develop a differential channel – proposition that is in line with characteristics of the channel in use and the target market’s requirements.

So basically its purpose is to provide consistency in the direction for an organisation’s online activities so that they are in line with other marketing activities and overall business objectives. The strategy should focus on how to exploit each channel to support existing marketing strategies and how it will harness its strengths and manage its weaknesses.

The common misconception is that this can replace a strategic marketing plan. In reality organisations need to utilise such a strategy in conjunction with other channels as part of a broader multichannel marketing strategy. The multichannel marketing strategy will outline the different marketing channels and integrate them to support each other in regards to proposition development and communication.

When analysing the scope of a digital marketing strategy it is important to consider a broader focus then just the development of website functionality. Although a website may be a central part of a digital marketing strategy, broader issues should be examined. A digital marketer should consider how to:

  • Harness the benefits from teaming up with bloggers, social networks and other online intermediarys.
  • Harness the websites user generated content, and main social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Use tools such as email, mobile, apps and customer relationship management tools to integrate with other marketing communications.

When developing a digital marketing strategy for our Perth clients, business processes may need to be redesigned to integrate with suppliers and distributors in new ways. This can occur when companies align online strategies with business goals. For example, to satisfy a business objective on cost reduction and value chain efficiencies a business to business supplier may turn to the internet to sell their products via the internet to reduce service calls.

A company may also use extranets to partner with distributors and satisfy an objective of channel partnership. In regards to satisfying communication and branding objectives companies may decide to develop a website to help service their customers. Digital marketing blends together with various elements of marketing and information technology strategies.

A common element that digital marketing has with marketing is that they both must determine the best value proposition to offer the target market and figure out a way to integrate with other channels to achieve the strategic goals and objectives. A digital marketing strategy also has similar concepts to an IT Strategy where they both involve determining the most appropriate investments in software and hardware technology and resources to improve customer experience and provide an infrastructure to achieve better results from digital channels. However, media channel selection becomes a greater strategic decision when developing a strategy.
In traditional marketing media was based on its ability to deliver the objectives of a specific promotional initiative. In the case of digital marketing strategies and selecting media investments they often require a longer-term view as the strategies used to attract visitors to a website are often continuous or “always on” activities.

Social Media Marketing Perth

When it comes to shaping the experience of your brand, marketing strategy and in particular, digital marketing, is integral to the process. Whilst it may be tempting for many businesses to simply churn out any digital marketing, this is one of the worst things that you could do. Anyone can market… but to market effectively takes skill and expertise, and should be carefully considered.

Since 2016, the top five channels for digital marketing have been:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online display marketing/remarketing
  • Mobile
  • Search Marketing

Individually, any and all of these tactics can be effective and when used in conjunction with each other (especially when tied to a clever campaign), they can be even more powerful. Email marketing is now more effective and targeted than ever. For example a killer social media strategy can help you build customer loyalty like never before. Display ads and search marketing can put you (quite literally) on the map and with retargeting allowing you to pursue lost connections and win them over (in a way that adds value), businesses have unprecedented opportunities to scale, upgrade their profitability and chase success.

The beautiful thing about digital marketing is the supreme measurability – they all work and with the right tools and understanding, businesses can learn exactly why they work and how to apply this to their growth plan. This, in turn, can then generate revenue and engagement that benefits not only your bottom line, but your overall brand experience.

We call that taking a systematic approach and for us when everything is in place, on time and delivering the right result it feels like this:

Here’s why digital marketing is so powerful – and will only continue to grow in abilities and influence in years to come:

It’s more cost effective (generally speaking) than traditional marketing.
Although traditional marketing, when used cleverly, is still immensely effective, without true measurability businesses are flying blind. Digital marketing provides businesses with opportunities to compete and leverage industry trends, providing them with a more cost-effective channel that allows them to understand why their customers may react to certain triggers. Especially for small businesses who previously would not have had the means to market themselves via expensive TVCs or radio campaigns that they couldn’t measure, the playing field has now been significantly levelled. Whilst some businesses may view this as a threat (with other businesses now on their turf), it makes industries more competitive and ultimately drives consumer value. With the consumers of today being as discerning as they are, this is ultimately a good thing.

It delivers on conversions and revenue.
To market your products, services or business online, you will generally measure success by the percentage of incoming traffic that’s converted into leads or sales (depending on your purpose and goals). Higher conversion rates will deliver higher revenues and, in turn, enable greater growth and sustainability. A 2016 Hubspot survey identified that businesses who engage in digital marketing expect 2.8x better revenue growth than those who did not.

It enables closer interaction with your target audience.
The opportunity to interact with target audiences (and have them come to you!) is vital to growth. Engagement is what your customers expect to receive from any brand or business and, as shaped by your brand experience, dictates whether they’ll be a return customer and brand advocate. This is why it’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to have a risk mitigation plan in place for any interactions that take place on and off line. Every engagement with your target audience is either drawing them closer or pushing them away… and digital marketing allows you to test, measure and improve this. Not only this, but by catering to the mobile customer (which now accounts for almost 80% of most business’ web traffic) you’re enabling 24/7 brand interaction. That’s a very powerful thing.

It allows you to build trust in your brand.
Brand reputation management has always been an important yet delicate balance for any business… but now, opportunities are greater. This is because the power of digital marketing lies in its ability to attract targeted leads. Delivering on your brand promises to highly targeted audiences will allow you to rapidly build trust, reputation and as such, faster (and at a larger scale) attract more like-minded audiences. Social media and citizen journalism also now means that consumers trust the opinions of their peers more than anyone else, so developing loyal relationships and converting consumers to brand advocates (to do the selling for you – without even deliberately doing so) is a fantastic asset. Social signals also are a key ranking factor in SEO now… so building these social relationships increases your overall brand visibility.

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Ok so what about Adwords & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?
“Get me to Page 1 of Google for a completely irrelevant search result!” said no one, ever.
Yet that’s exactly what many agencies will give you. Here’s the thing: it’s easy to rank well on some keywords. But getting to Page 1 isn’t going to automatically ensure your success and if you’ve been led down the garden path only to achieve results that seem good on paper but don’t benefit your bottom line… that’s a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

Page 1 is only awesome when it means something. When it’s qualified. When there’s substance, strategy and success tied to it. If you want to generate leads, sales and conversions that are exactly right for your business, you need a Google-accredited agency to guide the way.

We’ll be honest, advertising on Google isn’t going to benefit every business. And to get the most out of your budget, you need a carefully considered strategy that pulls in your key messaging with clarity, funnels your audience through to appropriate landing page (which, by the way, we love designing!) and importantly, keeps your budget controlled.

We’re passionate about not seeing purposeful, hard working Perth businesses ripped off by some of the dodgy dealers out there that are all too keen to capitalise on what they think is just a trend.

It breaks out heart seeing clients come to us from other agencies, having burned through their pockets to achieve not much at all. That’s nothing compared to the joy we feel when we can turn all that around. Because when done cleverly, Google ads are a fantastic way to get qualified traffic coming your way.

Google AdWords provides countless highly customisable options for your campaign, depending on your business’ particular needs. We can target your ads to reach a qualified audience based on specific keyword matches, their geographic location, the time of day that they’re searching and even other business (such as nearby businesses or your competitors). All of these incredibly powerful options mean that we can track and measure every single action that your audience takes so that you don’t waste any budget and receive up-to-the-minute customer research in the process.

Here’s the thing: whilst services such as search optimisation alone can be effective, it can take a significant amount of time to gain traction, but when you combine SEO with a strategic, targeted AdWords campaign, you’ve got a dynamite combination for success. And we’ll tailor the recipe to suit your needs.

We will handle:

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Split testing
  • Daily optimisation (no ineffective ‘set and forget’ tactics here!)
  • Text ad copywriting
  • Image and video ad design
  • Landing page design and optimisation
  • Bid management
  • Analytics, reporting and adjustment

Importantly, we’ll convert clicks into customers and set you up for sustainable success, not a “crash and burn” approach, by always abiding by the golden rule of marketing… test, measure then test and measure again! We’re not fans of leaving your results up to chance, and we work hard to see you succeed.

What About Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a cornerstone of digital strategy. But before we go any further… let’s bust some misconceptions.

We’re not talking about spammy, “BUY! BUY! BUY!” style email marketing. No way, Jose.

We’re talking about seriously clever, engaging, thoughtful correspondence with your clients and leads. We’re talking about an experience that compels them to move your emails to their Priority Inbox, not their Spam box. We’re talking about 100% best practice, total spam compliancy and list growth.

Sound good?

It gets better. Because when you provide valuable content to your list through email, this benefits your social media and SEO efforts through social signals (little internet messages that transmit back and forth through all of your digital efforts and boost each other, so you grow holistically). Utilising the right approach here you have potential to have a 1:1 conversation with your audience whilst simultaneously speaking to hundreds or thousands of people at a time.

We handle:

  • Account setup
  • Strategy and development
  • Fully customised graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Send & list management
  • Reporting & analytics

Media Relations and Online Reputation Management
It’s what you know… *and* who you know.

You’ll need a team that has insider knowledge of the national media… we know who to pitch to, how to pitch to them and what lights them up.
Whether your brand needs to hit key media outlets, brand influencers or transmit a story, we’ll help you with every angle to make sure you get maximum media coverage through media relations.

Members of the media are accustomed to working with agencies to develop stories and article content, and our role is to act as a thriving conduit between your brand, the media and the consuming public.

Clever media relations requires time, a thorough knowledge of local, national and international media outlets and a gift for the gab (a.k.a. excellent copywriters).
Whether you’re after some cutting edge methods of maximising free publicity opportunities that others overlook or whether you’ve got an extensive media budget and want to spend it effectively, we can assist.

We understand the risks that being public-facing can bring… and that’s why parallel to media relations, we offer risk management in conjunction with our campaign management strategies. This ensures that we have a carefully considered plan for every possible chain of events that could occur. The most dangerous risk is the risk unaccounted for, and we’re not in the game of leaving your brand’s future up to chance.

We also offer crisis and issues management services allowing you to be skilled, armed and ready with the tools and strategies to respond proactively to media activity.

Looking for Digital Marketing Perth?

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we know all there is to know about the Perth market and we’re here to help. Call us on (08) 9317 1540 and let us help solve your digital marketing woes.

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