When it’s time to tell your business’s story, it’s not just about what you say – it’s how you say it.

Annual Report Design Perth


At Noop, we believe a great Annual Report is a showcase and culmination of all the efforts that mark a successful year. It’s a key communication opportunity to stakeholders, a way to demonstrate achievement and capture the values and culture of your organisation.

It’s not to be underestimated. It’s what makes those who read it feel inspired, motivated and confident in the value that your business brings to the table.

Our goal is to facilitate the development of an engaging and high performing annual report, designed to captivate your target audience and succinctly communicate your message.




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Noop has a strong projects culture and certified project managers overseeing delivery. No matter the size of your project, you can be confident we will hit your key milestone’s on time and within budget. From design to print we have you covered.


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Creating Your Annual report

A well produced annual report is a vital extension of a company’s story and brand. Ensuring that your activities and finances are presented in the best possible fashion is imperative to maintain a successful business, unfortunately there are many brands who do not put enough emphasis on their report which can be a real lost opportunity. Recent trends are showing that businesses are starting to use elements of their yearly reports as a tool for promotion and as part of their marketing collateral.

Often industries such as not-for-profits and health services will use their report for attracting funding and donations as well as promoting their business and services.

We believe forward planning is the key to ensure our clients get the most of their collateral, reports and promotional materials, and annual reports are no exception, they definitely don’t have to be boring, combining exceptional design with subtle and elegant printing elements will ensure your business will have a document that your stakeholders will be proud of and your competitors will be in awe of.

What Makes For Exceptional Annual Report Design?

Your Brand – Ensuring you capture the spirit of your business is a good place to start, integrating your brands visual style and colours as well as building in graphic design elements all work to ensure your Annual Report reflects your company’s brand. Through the subtle use of colour and contrasting, we can help break down your content into more digestible portions, thus ensuring the reader has a better user experience.

Infographics – Integrating Infographics are a fantastic way to visually get your message across, gone are the days of flicking through monotonous data and flow charts, your facts and statistics can now be demonstrated in a way that tells the reader a story and is far more digestible than previous formats. What’s great about incorporating infographics into your document is that they can then be repurposed and integrated into other business collateral. They can often also be used on your website, flyers and other marketing materials.

Your People – A general rule of thumb in business is that users respond better when there is a face to the name, so featuring your organisations people is a great way to engage your readers, let them get to know your company on a more personal level and stop them from getting lost in the financial details. A good example of which is spotlighting on an employee who is due to retire after many years or service, although not directly relevant to your stakeholders it does showcase a sense of company loyalty and sound team retention as well as organisational appreciation.

Stay on Going Digital

With the online age firmly upon us, it’s no surprise that many companies are moving from traditional style reporting to creating an online version as well. Something important to consider when contemplating a digital version is the initial cost and time involved to develop and design the report. However bear in mind that once the digital version has been professionally developed, you will then, if you choose, be able to reuse the same template year after year by simply swapping out the old content for the new data thus saving a lot of time and money.

Overall, you will be saving far more money in the long term by going digital and not paying for design and printing costs year after year. An additional benefit of going digital is that you will have the capability to see the page analytics, in turn allowing you to see what content your audience is engaging with most. As obvious as this may sounds, printed reports are limited to simply using text and images, and in some cases may only be black and white depending on your allocated budget. However, with an online report you have multiple facets to work with such as video, animation and audio, just to name a few, all at your disposable and all of which can help keep your users engaged.

Cut Through The Noise

Whether you are looking to simplify your data to ensure its easier to understand or highlighting your company’s values and culture, a great design will ensure you make a lasting impression and help convey the energy of your Perth based organisation.

We can help you drill down and understand what really sets you apart from your competitors, our highly experienced copywriters and graphic designers will work with you to understand how best to display this information and showcase your financial and business accomplishments. No matter the scope or  message, we make sure you business’s Annual Report stands out.

From concept to final printed product we are with you every step of the way, ensuring the resulting corporate report exceeds all expectation.



We can arrange the printing for your annual report through our preferred partner who is located here in Perth. However if you have a printer that you prefer we are happy to work with them to facilitate your project.

We will work with you to meet your schedule no matter how tight this may be. The biggest factor in the timeline of most projects is the approval process.


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