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APC Mag | Are Physical Magazines Facing Extinction in The Wake Of Digital Subscription Apps?

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Australian Personal Computer Magazine, also known as APC Mag, is an Australian computer magazine first published in 1980, and is the longest running Australian based computer magazine. This magazine is subscription based, for $14.99 per month. This cost includes all access to the digital magazine, all latest issues of Australian Personal Computer Magazine, and access to over 5000 other related magazines. This magazine is available on all tech devices, including your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Australian Personal Computer Magazine keeps its readers updated with a thorough, expert detailed guide to all things computing technology. In recent times, due to the rise of technology, magazines have made the shift from a physical hard copy, to both a physical hard copy and a digital copy. Australian Personal Computer Magazine is a digital only magazine, which allows its readers to read this magazine from anywhere, anytime.
Should businesses consider this when deciding on how they will post their content to their customers?

Going Digital through Subscription Apps

It is vital for a business to keep up with the never-ending trend changes and forecasting for the future has become more important than ever. One way businesses can keep up to date with the current digital age, is by utilising mobile applications as a part of their business offerings.

Mobile applications bring consumers closer to the business, and create an easy, simplified user experience, all in the one app. This app can include all business details, so a consumer does not need to navigate to multiple sources to find certain information. Mobile applications can be an important tool for businesses to utilise, whether that be to sell a product to a consumer, post content regarding the business, as a membership card platform etc., the opportunities of a mobile application are endless.

Why are mobile applications important for businesses to utilise?
Mobile applications play as a frequent reminder of a business to a consumer. As the average consumer spends a majority of their free time on their smartphones, they will constantly be reminded of a business when they are on their phones. Mobile Apps also reduce the amount of time consumers must wait, in comparison to web browsing, which can be majorly affected by the reception in the area a consumer is located in. Mobile apps can also increase consumer engagement. As apps are a quick, easily accessible, seamless form of connecting with a business, consumers are more likely to connect with this mobile app. Finally, in the long term, mobile apps do reduce overall costs. These costs include costs of SMS/email notifications, newsletters, and physical phone calls, which are now all seamlessly connected in a mobile app.

How can you ensure your mobile application is successful?
A successful mobile application seamlessly combines all aspects of a business, into one space, a mobile app. A successful mobile application focuses on the user experience, and ensures that the app is simple to use, based on the businesses target audience. This app must be visually appealing, efficient, and must provide the customer with sense of value.
Who can I contact to help my business in designing and developing the perfect mobile app?

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