Much like a painted masterpiece, architecture is an art form that has the ability to delight, inspire, and transform.

Architectural Photography Perth


Here at Noop we believe that being an outstanding Architectural Perth photographer is not just about taking pictures of buildings and structures. We believe in truly getting to know and finding inspiration from each and every place we work with. We believe in connecting with that place to distil the essence of the space so that you too can get a true sense and insight into the architect’s vision.

Our internationally renowned Chief Photographer Scott Wright’s passion and expertise in working with light has afforded him the opportunity to partner with some of the world’s leading architects and hotel brands. Scott’s name has become autonomous in the architectural photography market through his unique talents, hard work and dedication to his trade. Whether it is through finding the right angle to bring out the best in a building or space, or working tirelessly to capture his client’s vision, Scott has the knowledge to ensure your Perth project goes above and beyond your expectations.




Having a background in Building and Architectural drafting enables our photographer, Scott, to see what others cannot and understand what to hide to give each space its ultimate vision.


Using the most up to date equipment and software, Scott has the know how to capture and post produce the images that are needed by each client.


With over 25 years experience Scott understands what clients need whether it be for advertising , magazine use or for direct client presentation across a diverse range of markets worldwide.

Leading Architecture Photography Perth Is The Detail

Whether it is interior or exterior architecture, Scott, our Perth photographer is meticulous and a stickler for detail. Scott constantly stives to elevate his work against his competitors, winning over new customers and giving him continual relevancy in the ever-changing world of Photography.

We will work closely with you beforehand to identify any particular requirements and key outcomes, offering our expert advice and input so that you get the most desired outcome from your photoshoot. We will advise you in advance on what we need from you to ensure the project runs as smoothly possible, taking the stress away from you. With so much time and effort put into planning, design and construction, ensuring we get the right images for your space is crucial for cataloguing and branding each individual space.

We don’t just specialise in Architectural photography, we have experience in a wide range of industries from Real estate and commercial Photography to lifestyle and fashion, and everything in between. At Noop we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and some of the world’s smallest. Each and every project is important to us and we take pride in delivering positive outcomes for our clients as we watch them succeed and grow.

More than just Architectural Photography:

Our process will help you:

  • Photograph your space
  • Create awareness of your brand
  • Layout and space arrangement
  • Additional lighting augmentation
  • Altering weather conditions through post-production
  • Removal of unwanted buildings or objects
  • Colour enhancement and correction
  • Constructing objects with post production
  • Drone imagery
  • Talent co-ordination

All elements are tightly aligned to your brand direction and deeply expressive to your ideal customer.


Loading Images


Planning a on location recce before the day of shooting is always a great way to see your proposed location and know what potential issues or problems that might need addressing on the day.

The usual turn around time for an interior image can take from 2- 5 hours depending on the detail and necessary changes needed. Normally the longer period involves re-constructing or adding/removing of objects.

We have a team of stylists and designers at our Perth office to help finish off each individual space as needed.

Shooting In different lighting conditions have different effects and feels on a building and interior. As any great architectural photographer knows, avoiding harsh shadows is always a good thing as balance is key to creating a great architectural image. Choosing the right time of day for a specific area can always help with this. Use of additional lighting can be used to balance out any unwanted shadows.


The future of photography and moving image is shifting. Yet; craft, quality, speed and cost flexibility are even more important than ever before. Which is why Scott and his exclusive team have been constantly one of the top photography studios in China and across Asia. They represent many of China’s and Asia’s top 100 brands across many industries. If you need a world class photographer and studio that knows global or local brand needs; understands cultural nuances, is craft left photography and can deliver assets at value for money, call Scott.
S Dix – Accenture Interactive
Working with Scott is great as he is as meticulous to details as if he is the one who designed the space himself. Working with photographers who are equally passionate about perfection is a rare find!

Aldwin Ong – Wilson Associates
I was lucky enough to have worked for Scott back in 2010. He taught me everything there is to know about advertising photography and production which inspired me in my next adventures. A true mentor with some of the best eyes for photography, he will turn complexity into beauty.

Dean Diabate – Alibaba Group

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