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Commercial Photography Perth


With photography having such a major presence in society today, ensuring you have the right images for your next advertising or promotional Perth campaign is imperative to make sure you reach and engage your target market while projecting a message that makes you stop, think and feel.

Our principal photographer and Creative Director, Scott Wright, has been teaming with renowned Australian and international brands for over 25 years, bringing each project to life through his commercial photography, lighting, and postproduction experience.

Using the most up to date cameras and software, Scott achieves the best output for his digital files to enable him to produce the highest quality and professional outcomes for all of his images. With his exclusive retouch team, Scott is able to produce the style and idiosyncrasies which inevitably connects all the right dots for the perfect picture every time.

Having such a broad range of expertise in different fields and clients for so many years has enabled Scott to be able to understand each individual brief and absorb himself fully to each client’s needs.

Whether working with a major brand or an individual client, our production team has the expertise and understanding to help pre-produce, produce and post produce each of our commercial projects, making certain that we get the best flow for the final output.




At Noop, we pride ourselves on having one of the best pre-production teams in the commercial photography industry, which allows for a much smoother process when it comes to coordinating the behind the scenes elements that are necessary for a smooth day of production.


Our team’s wealth of experience and understanding allows us to achieve the best possible outcome for your next project all while allowing for any of those unforeseen issues that occasionally pop up. Scott and his team of photographers work tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of shooting.


Having a team of highly talented re-touchers and editors ensures that we are always able to tweak and alter your images where and when needed and enables us to use all layers with the right output to bring you the most competitive Perth prices for your commercial photography.

Commercial Photography Perth Is in the Message

In today’s ever changing and fast paced world, imagery has never been so important. With users consuming so much information at the touch of a button, it’s imperative to be able to capture the element of a brand or convey your message with just one single image.

Being a renowned professional commercial photographer for over 25 years, our in house Perth photographer, Scott Wright, has surrounded himself with creativity and cultivated his eye for detail over his remarkable career.

Beginning his profession in Melbourne, Australia, Scott worked for one of the leading Commercial photography studios as a photography assistant. Scott built a very strong portfolio with Condé Nast shooting for Vogue and GQ magazines, the Australian government and Metricon homes. In 2001 Scott worked in Shanghai, China where he operated his own studio, shooting some of the world’s biggest brands. Scott now lives and works in Perth where he continues to pursue his passion as a commercial photographer.

More than just a Commercial Photographer:

Engaging a great Commercial Perth Photographer to capture your brand and showcase your imagery can:

  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Attract your ideal customer
  • Enhance brand positioning
  • Create brand presence in your target market
  • Improve perception of your brand


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With 25 years experience internationally and in Perth Australia,  Scott and our team offer the best creative output with the use of state of the art cameras and software.

Scott’s preproduction team can prepare all the necessary items needed for a proposed shoot from organising locations to choosing talent and liaising with the client.

Our principal photographer is a certified drone operator in Australia through CASA as this is a requirement now to shoot commercially with Drones.

We have our own Perth based team for video production and editing so if this is something that your brand needs, please just ask away.


The future of photography and moving image is shifting. Yet; craft, quality, speed and cost flexibility are even more important than ever before. Which is why Scott and his exclusive team have been constantly one of the top photography studios in China and across Asia. They represent many of China’s and Asia’s top 100 brands across many industries. If you need a world class photographer and studio that knows global or local brand needs; understands cultural nuances, is craft left photography and can deliver assets at value for money, call Scott.
S Dix – Accenture Interactive
Working with Scott is great as he is as meticulous to details as if he is the one who designed the space himself. Working with photographers who are equally passionate about perfection is a rare find!
Aldwin Ong – Wilson Associates
I was lucky enough to have worked for Scott back in 2010. He taught me everything there is to know about advertising photography and production which inspired me in my next adventures. A true mentor with some of the best eyes for photography, he will turn complexity into beauty.
Dean Diabate – Alibaba Group

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