March 1, 2019

Tips for Hassle Free Logo Design

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Designing a logo for your Perth company may seem simple at first glance, but it’s deceptively so. After all, isn’t a logo just a combination of a simple image coupled with a fancy font? Yes, and no, but it’s more complicated than that. A logo design represents the heart and soul of an organization. It needs to be instantly recognizable in the marketplace while also telling a story about your business.

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Here are our 5 tips for a hassle free logo design Perth:

It sounds like there’s a lot more to a good logo design than what you first thought, so here are a few tips to help you create a logo design that will be worthy of your brand for years to come.

1. A Perth logo design needs to be simple

Logo design can encapsulate many different design principles. They can be shocking, bold, practical, or distinctive or a combination of any of the above, but above all else, a logo needs to be simple. Your company logo design should also be created with the intended audience firmly in mind.

2. Understand the logo design Perth process

Not every business owner is going to have the creative flair necessary to bang out a distinctive logo design. But that doesn’t mean you should hand over the reins over to someone else entirely. No one knows your Perth business as you do.

Even if you are outsourcing the work to a Perth logo designer, you should still take charge of the logo design process. You will need to start with a design brief, which will involve conducting questionnaires with a group of clients, researching the history of your industry, and reviewing logo designs that are already out in the marketplace.

Once you have all the information and feel inspired, you can then go about developing rough sketches or having logo design services create a few drafts for you to consider.

3. Avoid overdone logo design Perth clichés

By clichés, we mean, don’t be tempted to include overused symbols in your logo design such as lightbulbs, megaphones, random colored dots, or globes representing the earth.

Clichés crowd the marketplace, so if you want your logo design to stand out, you should spend more time coming up with something unique to your business.

4. Make your logo design active

You may be wondering how you can make a Perth business logo design that symbolises action in a simple image. Consider the flying bird of Twitter, which appears to have just launched info flight. The curved arrow trailing from A to Z (that also coincidentally looks like a smile) in the Amazon logo is another excellent example of how you can add action to a simple logo design.

5. Get a lot of logo design Perth feedback

When you have a few logo design ideas on the go, you should endeavor to get as much feedback as you possibly can on each one, but you also need to be selective in what and who you listen to.

Of course, some people are going to hate your favorite Perth logo designs, and some are going to love the ones you don’t. However, all feedback is important as it will help you spot things you may have missed.

These are just a few tips to help you on the way to creating logo designs that perfectly sum up your brand. There are many more logo design choices to consider, so be sure to check in with your logo designer to discover many more options.

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