CLIENT: 8 Yolks Cafe


Presented with the task of straying away from a restaurant cliché, we were tasked with creating a fresh new approach to the brunch experience. Our aim was to create a repeatable, scalable “experience” that conveyed a premium feeling, within a casual dining experience with multiple layers of intrigue. The aim was to also capture and fuse the deep understanding of business viability and market demands with our unique ability to create compelling, story driven brands with a high-level of personality and depth.


Through a series of discovery workshops, we dived deep into the needs and desires of the consumer. It was established that there is a universal emerging demographic that places value on quality-casual experiences, experience-based spending and creating memories through the eyes of cameras and social media. Working closely with experienced chef consultants distilling the unique value proposition of the new brand, we facilitated a values and “menu first” approach and through rapid iteration and testing against the core need and problem allowed the brand to resonate outward and “evolve” organically. A clear path to the consumer was identified and thus 8 Yolks was born.

While the overall process can be complex and requires multiple ranges of expertise, it is greatly streamlined via Noop BPM, which allows a systematic process for easily managing risk, consumer needs, innovation, process and marketing.


We engage in a process of immense brand research, design and end up with a unique array of aligned identity choices to present to a client. Showcasing the added value of tapping into the younger consumer target range and YouTube generation, whose “pester power” proves extremely influential when it comes to family consumer decisions.

True user experience consideration requires a complete roadmap outlining every facet of the brand from identity, colour, voice and tone, communication, characters, story, customer interaction, interior fit out, uniforms, gifts & merchandise, music, social media etc. Every touchpoint of client interaction is captured and all need to be consistent with values, easily repeatable and cost-effective to work in multiple locations.

When an egg is cracked open it spreads and splashes in a haphazard manner. This extends beyond just an identity but into the venue through splashes of white and yellow on the walls and floors, drips from the ceiling, on furniture and the warmth of the lighting. This disruption creates a unique talking point and camera worthy experience, compelling customers to take pictures to be shared on social media (ultimately boosting 8 Yolks awareness)

The smallest of moments present the greatest opportunity. Combining the fact that people love to share images of their meals and encouraging them to have an affinity to the 8 yolk character that best reflects their dish or personality creates a connection between consumers who eat at 8 yolks, a character and potential consumers who would be keen to similarly interact with the brand – instantly providing a channel for boosting awareness.


Today’s consumer is more sophisticated than ever and spoilt for choice when it comes to options. Competition is tough, meaning a clear market strategy and brand road map is critical in order to mitigate risk and exceed client and consumer expectations.

Fusing our creative process and business improvement approach, the 8 Yolks brand and concept location has become a reality that is compelling as it is successful – a scalable restaurant concept that is on point with emerging customer avatars. A uniquely crafted experience that goes beyond the traditional venue and thrives on social media