CLIENT: Basin Jewellery + Palette Nails


The fashion industry is an immensely competitive market. With multiple highly established and cutting-edge brands already in play, it is becoming increasingly difficult for emerging brands to compete for consumer attention. When considering niche markets where consumers are highly design aware and attuned to trend, it is critical to identify gaps in the brand and the marketing process and strategy in order to finely tune implementation outcomes and ensure that online solutions are primed for success.

Palette Nails

Palette Nails is a contemporary Nail Studio that represents nail fashion in an elegant and experience driven manner. Already featured in countless magazines and on runways of fashion shows, Noop was tasked with extending the brand online and creating a website that would echo beauty, fashion, and bring the feel of the studio online.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”– Leonardo da Vinci

And so the tag “Beauty Meets Fashion” was born. The symbolic convergence of fashion and beauty alongside echoing the fusion of technology and style. This is represented by the abstract “palette” cloud of pink/purple/blue users are first greeted with. Communicating a new experience, a rebellious clash between the concepts of beauty and fashion.

Abstraction is used to emphasize “brand feel” more than a lifestyle outcome. The strategic choice of “breaking the rules a little” allows a broader range of customers to lock onto the core brand feel and values and create their own story of how this experience can fit into their lifestyle. For a brand focused on experience, this is a clear separator in delivering the broadest possible appeal within a niche market.

Basin Jewellery

Basin Jewellery boasts a range of exclusive jewellery designed in Australia and handmade in Bali, Indonesia. With a flair for producing affordable, desirable quality sterling silver 18 karat gold and rose gold plating accessories, Basin produces jewellery that allows stackable expression of individuality in style. Tied to the signs of the Zodiac, their collections aim to offer a deeper personal connection for clients. The brand story and play between the various accessories compels and prompts stacking, repeat purchases and gifting.

Bringing these products to a wider audience required development of a high performing eccomerce solution that was both as stylish as it is functional. Locking onto what is already successful but tying in broader business objectives by extending the personality of the brand online, crafting an edgier dynamic look yet still familiar sense of simplicity, elegance and sophistication.

Using Noop BPM first to systematically analyse and fill any Brand, Process and Marketing gaps allowed for development of an eCommerce solution and unique brand expression that users that would vividly explore, positioning the customer as a “desert queen”, and the products as expressions of their individuality. A combination of uniquely edited layered abstract imagery, video and model photography help to create a unique brand feel, unique enough in personality to separate yet in line with current mainstream fashion taste and expectation.

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood