CLIENT: Lawrence Group


After two very successful decades in business, Lawrence wanted to refresh their image and offerings to ensure they stayed competitive. However, with an increasingly large workforce and departments with conflicting ideas of the company’s growth plan, how could the staff be unified and the brand grow with clarity? Noop assessed every aspect of the Lawrence Group business from their company culture to their brand reputation, market positioning and sales tools.

What we proposed helped Lawrence Group not only prepare for the future, but enabled immediate return…


Lawrence had previously worked with multiple traditional marketing and improvement providers and tasked them with optimising lead acquisition and the brand’s public facing image.

However, results were not impressive; the experience was convoluted and value/ROI was not realised. Without thorough and systematic review of overall brand user experience and business objectives, traditional and disparate approaches aren’t tuned to balance the complexities and nuances required to develop a relevant and cohesive brand that seamlessly integrates into a business’ operation model.

Strategic alignment was missing, and at implementation level, weak technical digital marketing tactics had been applied, resulting in mediocre search and ranking performance. Furthermore, previous providers paid insufficient attention the crucial roles that governance and regulation play in the financial services space, developing marketing material that introduced risk.

This resulted in improvement and marketing tactics were reactive, off-brand and without alignment to measurable objectives. Realising that a refresh and stabilisation would go beyond just a facelift, Lawrence were ready to take control back.

A reboot and consolidation of all marketing and improvement services with Noop allowed a level of energy, strategic immersion, value add and synergetic collaboration that is required to create compelling difference in today’s increasingly competitive market.


Noop assessed every aspect of the Lawrence Group business from their company culture to their brand reputation, market positioning and sales tools; thoroughly understanding the importance of our role not only in updating the brand, but helping to prepare them for the future whilst enabling immediate return.

After successfully stabilising brand and marketing performance, we worked closely with Lawrence management to identify waste and bottlenecks in their business model, team challenges, opportunities for leverage and unexplored avenues to gain the unfair advantage over their competitors.

Noop proposed a holistic strategy working from the inside out; addressing the hidden weaknesses in their team structure that were preventing all staff from being actively engaged in the brand and representing it to its fullest potential (and thus, being driving forces in the brand’s forward momentum).

Carefully working within the strict regulations that govern the financial services industry, Noop revised, refreshed and revitalised the entire Lawrence brand. As Lawrence had been flying blind without a corporate style guide, we set a strategic direction and distinct visual language, rolling out an internal and external communications plan. Importantly, service offerings were audited and refreshed to complement the upgraded business position and their online presence was completely reworked… plus, a reporting dashboard was established and key metrics tracked.


Since the rollout of our brand strategy, Lawrence’s position has significantly improved. Internal staff from accountants to senior executives and partners alike are now on board with and – importantly – engaged in their brand strategy, taking an active stake in ensuring the integrity and direction of the brand is maintained to the highest quality standard.

Additionally, with a strategic new digital presence in place and supporting print collateral, client satisfaction has tangibly increased alongside new leads coming through. With a drastically different approach and a unified internal team that now feel confident in the brand, Lawrence can confidently progress into the next decade of business.