CLIENT: Panasonic Connect


Over the past 100 years, the Panasonic brand has become a trusted name in durable, innovative business and consumer electronics. With a focus on the future through better connected technology, success has come from strong customer focus, and ability to solve demanding technology problems, delivering capabilities in a way that just works.

Communicating this ethos and innovative balance of inspired product design to the end user requires understanding of the nuances between, the local market, company vision and customer needs.

“We are dedicated to developing products that deliver complete, integrated solutions that are almost invisible – the workhorses in the background that power business success.”

– Panasonic Business

The challenge lies in finding providers that embrace these values and uniquely understand the business needs, so that with each brief comes the peace of mind and confidence that consistently compelling design outcomes will be delivered. This would need to be supported by a process that too aims to be invisible, constantly working to make things easier and still driving business success.

“We should always be determined to go after something new and better by enthusiastically doing what should be done. With this kind of mentality, you’ll see great changes and progress from a year earlier, in both your life and work. The notion of ‘better’ has no limitations. We have to believe in it strongly and confront every task with great enthusiasm. The path is infinite.”

– Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic Corporation

Utilising Noop BPM, and it’s focus on continuous improvement / kaizen enables a shared vision, allowing close alignment to the Panasonic Connect brand while consistently pushing for difference and innovation.

“The best technology doesn’t simply offer new features; it offers solutions to specific needs.

– Panasonic Business

Value added problem solving is what the market demands, and it goes without saying that this same mindset that needs to be foundational marketing, communication and creative process.

For a Better Working World

Panasonic offers solutions in the business and industrial field, such as housing, automotive, enterprise solutions and device industries.