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While you explore the best options for website design for Australian schools, you are presented with a multitude of options, prices and approaches that make it difficult to compare apples and apples. When you partner with Noop you can feel at ease knowing that all of our prices are quoted upfront, we value the relationship with our clients and understand the restraints of educational budgets so rest assured that there are no hidden costs associated with our work.

More than just a website – we explore with you what makes your school – the school of choice. From specialist programmes, facilities, engagement with the community, unique approaches etc. Part of this difference is to understand what it feels like to actually be part of the community, and how the school’s vision and values play out into daily life. We analyse your communications process, competitors, deriving a unique value proposition and brand feel. As far as positioning, we identify what the best primary school perth or best secondary school Perth should offer and recommend accordingly.




We capture the essence of your school’s ethos and values and showcase these experiences throughout your new web design.


We value the relationship with our clients and understand the restraints of school budgets. Ongoing services are optional and your school is empowered to take control of your project at any stage.


We quote all of our web design prices upfront, so there are no hidden costs associated with our work.

School Websites With Marketing Sophistication Built In

One major selling point of any school are the experiences the students and teachers have. Prospective parents will find value and a peace of mind in knowing that the institution their child attends is conducive for learning, building lifelong friendships and unique opportunities for academic enrichment. Therefore, when we create a concept for each website, one of our main goals is to ensure that we capture the essence of our client’s school ethos and values and showcase these experiences while ensuring the visual hierarchy of the site as prospective parents need to be guided through the process of selection whilst existing parents want to know where to quickly access all key information.

An exceptional school website should engage prospective parents and caregivers’ emotions and senses. When the homepage loads, the users should feel a sense of warmth and belonging, not because the page is too colourful or cluttered but because it immediately echoes the values in which they believe in and want to instil their child. Our websites convey a feeling of elegance and marketing sophistication, designed to be the key companent of your school branding.

In terms of functionality the website needs to support the tools that your school uses as communication plays a crucial role in creating a well-rounded site. There are a multitude of options on the market such as Connect and Skoolbag as well as social platforms such as Facebook. All of which can be easily and aesthetically incorporated into the design of your web design. Another communication tool to take into consideration is the incorporation of the calendar, again there are many different school apps and platforms available and we are happy to discuss the what works best for you.

A Supportive and Informative Web Design Process.

An important factor to consider is that it’s unlikely that all schools will have teachers and administration staff with the technical skillset to update their websites, whilst some of the necessary updates may be minor, some indeed may be more advanced. This is something we always take into consideration in the school web design process so as to ensure our sites can be easily maintained by staff if need be.

A dedicated training session is included in our costs, we never leave our clients to struggle their way through website updates. On saying that, there is nothing like an out of date page to make you feel a site feel unloved, so to help keep that quality and marketing sophistication when there are a million and one things to do we also provide the option of maintaining the website on your behalf. We can host your new website, back it up and ensure its safe and secure as well as updating the content on your behalf.

The majority of our educational clients utilise this service, whether it is uploading their monthly newsletter, refreshing policy information, or updating information on staff members, we help take the stress out of maintaining your site.

No School Is The Same. Tailored School Web Design.

At Noop we believe that education always has been and always will be a pivotal part in the development of a child’s mind and character. These are the fundamental qualities that shape an individual into being a responsible global citizen. Therefore, it’s imperative that school’s go above and beyond to ensure that they provide a solid foundation for producing such individuals. From the quality of teaching, values and traditions to the rules and policies that school implements, thus providing an atmosphere that is advantageous for parents, children and the community.

Whether it’s primary or secondary education, a school website is a brochure to the world and these days more and more schools are being considered businesses with the same marketing demands as companies. Not only is a school website for attracting prospective parents but it’s also must function intuitively as a tool for existing parents. There is no one size fits all solution, with today’s more brand aware consumer it’s not satisfactory to take a one size fits all approach to school web design Perth.

More Than Just a School Website.

Here is a little more about what to expect when you choose Noop for your school web design project:

A Simple and easy to use CMS – Most of the school websites we build are built on the WordPress platform, as far as content management systems go, it is very user friendly and simple to use. Take a look at the Honeywood Primary as an example of a website built on WordPress. Another good platform that some of our education clients use is Joomla a good example of which is the Winthrop Primary website.

Content Consolidation – We aim to take all of the heavy lifting in this process.  We ask you to collect anything that excites you and aligns with how your school is today and where it is headed in the future, this can be simply transferred to us in a raw unedited state. This includes anything from new initiatives, to even a quick photo captured by a teacher that represents the feeling of the school. We aggregate this content, with existing content, we placeholder what we identify as any missing content and provide you with an easy to follow guide of any gaps.

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We work with primary schools, secondary schools and with universities and higher education institutions to to build marketing sophistication into their school websites and brands.

It’s fairly common for schools to update their school identity at the same time as their website, and we have guided many schools through this process, from a simple logo tweak to a full rebrand, we will be with you every step of the way.

We work with educational institutions throughout Australia, from Perth to Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane and everything in between. We provide our school clients with a quality of services unlike like any other provider.

Absolutely not. We are aware that many school web design companies in Perth do outsource, however this is not something that we do. All of our websites are built and hosted in house in Australia as per the DoE guidelines.  This is an important component of our school web design Perth process.


We used NOOP for a re-branding exercise, to basically re-fresh the look, reinvigorate the staff, and ultimately grow the business. NOOP were so different to everyone else that tendered for our business. They were fresh, dynamic and were prepared to listen and adapt to our needs, all the while, guiding us in a different direction if they thought it prudent. They were a pleasure to deal with, and the outcome was everything and more than we had hoped for.
Lisa Corlett – imfs
Noop is run by lovely people who are a pleasure to deal with. They created a fantastic website for my workplace at a very reasonable price. They also provide efficient and fast after sale service delivery. I do not hesitate to recommend them if you are looking for a website developer.
Thalia Cole – Perth Modern School
Wow cannot thank Noop enough! We consulted a few different Perth based brand agencies, to facilitate our business rebrand but Noop were by far the best. They are efficient, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Noop have done a fantastic job on building our new business branding and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a brand consultant in Perth. Thanks again Noop look forward to having you work with us again on future projects.
Justine Cordial – DNC Projects

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