July 31, 2019

Selecting An Effective Social Media Marketing Agency

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Need a social media agency Perth that can keep you business in front of your ideal clients while they are engaged across multiple Social platforms? Social media is undoubtedly one of the most significant and effective online tools for marketing your products and services. Here at Noop, we can deliver end to end social media solutions across the most current networks including, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

We all know that repetition is powerful, particularly in marketing, and remarketing through social media advertising is a seriously clever way to achieve that. It gets better, too. Not only can we find non-converting customers, but we can find potential customers who don’t even know that they need you yet through highly detailed targeting.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a local social media marketing partner:

Strategy and Branding – Anyone can create a social media account and publish content, but many businesses fail to establish a strategy beforehand. However can and will they create an effective content marketing strategy tailored to your brand. This will identify how your content should be created and published with the long-term goal, to build client relationships that will allow your business to grow and succeed.

Creation of Content – You will need to show your potential clients what sets your brand apart from the others. Be it captivating images for Instagram and Pinterest or creative content for Facebook and LinkedIn, your content must ensure your business stands out from the competition. For example her at Noop we do this through a mix of images, videos and blog posts to really get your brand message across to your customers.
Not only will you be sharing information with and connecting with potential customers, but actively engaging on social media is an important SEO tool and helps towards improving your ranking on Google.

Distribution and Posting – Having the time to post on a daily basis is a big job for a business who doesn’t have a dedicated marketing person, so are you considering delegating this entire process to a team to hard work for you. Will they immerse in you brand, acting on your behalf by listening to your clients and responding to their enquiries? Are they capable of appropriately navigate the internal decision making process, mitigating risk and ensuring your campaign is consistent and engaging? You will need them to provide a clearly defined roadmap for success.

Performance and ROI (Return on Investment) – Every business is looking to get different outcomes from their campaigns so establishing a campaign purpose is a great tool to help measure your results. For example, a start-up company looking to generate brand awareness will benefit from metrics such as reach and visibility, whereas an eCommerce store may be looking at the number of referrals to their website. Are your results measurable in dollars and cents? Are they in safety incidents, or is ther e borader cultural or thought leader measure. At Noop we work with you on establishing KPI aligned metrics and will track and measure your campaigns to interpret what really works for your brand and what doesn’t.

As with most things in life there is no quick fix or overnight success, building your online community takes strategy, hard work and resilience. Results from social media will take consistency and time to grow. So don’t fall into the trap that so many businesses have succumbed to – that is, using social media to churn out sales and marketing materials. Sure, social media can be used, very effectively, to market, but businesses need to be a lot savvier than the generic, expected and “what’s always been done” if they want to stay competitive, ensure success and lead the pack.

Let’s say you have the perfect customer or client. We’ll call her Jane. Jane checks out your website, but doesn’t buy or enquire. Jane was your ideal customer, but now you’ve lost her forever. Well, actually, we can find Jane using some serious web wizardry. Through social media advertising & retargeting, we can place your business back in front of Jane as she’s engaged on social media and in the right mindset to interact with you again.

You see the right social media consultant Perth will not only help you work out your best customers, but track them down and make sure your brand is front and centre!

So, if you want to target 43 year old women who live in Ellenbrook and love dubstep? We can do that. Want to go broader… 35-50 year old men who are fathers in metro areas? We can find them too, and deliver them the exact message that will get them to convert. And with the right strategy, we’ll make sure we outsmart your competitors, not outspend them.

Your customers and prospective clients are on social media just waiting to engage meaningfully with the brands and businesses that they love.

Here’s some examples of how we apply this for clients just like you:

Social Media Marketing Perth

Some Additional Tips From Us

  • Not only is social media an effective tool for engaging clients, its necessary to boast and maintain your Google rankings. Still don’t think your business needs social media marketing? Think again, Google now places a very strong emphasis on social media signals which in turn boosts your search engine ranking results. Facebook alone now has more than 1.15billion users and that’s a big number not to be targeting.
  • Don’t use your social media accounts to bombard your followers about buying your products and services. Try instead to build trust in your brand so that when they do find the need for your product or service, you come to mind as a trusted provider. Consider implementing the 80/20 rule of thumb, place 20% of your posts on direct promotion and the other 80% on other useful and meaningful content.
  • Each time you post to Facebook, it’s likely that you will only reach around 30 % of your followers, so be diligent about consistency and social media success is sure to follow.

Looking for the right Social Media Management Perth Agency?

At Noop we immerse ourselves in the digital marketing world, staying abreast of the latest trends in marketing and technology all while ensuring we are creating unique and creative content for you. We also pride ourselves on giving each one of our clients a highly personalised service. Not only can we find non-converting customers, but we can find potential customers who don’t even know that they need you yet through highly detailed targeting.

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