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The Low Down on Wedding Invitation & Occasional Stationery Design

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Wedding bells, white dresses, three tier cakes, a diamond ring and being surrounded by friends and family. Weddings are something many individuals look forward to in their lives, the day two people are united in marriage.

Weddings are a beautiful day, however can come at a huge cost. The ring, the venues, the dresses, the suits, the food, engagement parties, bucks/hens nights, and honeymoons, wedding costs add up if couples don’t set strong budgets.

Extravagant weddings have become more popular than ever. 74% of couples don’t stick to their initial wedding budget, and typically don’t realise that small upgrades add up. Although extravagant weddings are within some couple’s values, some may not value extravagant weddings, but feel society’s pressure to do so. However you don’t typically need a high budget to have a visually appealing wedding.

In this day and age, there are so many small businesses and freelancers offering wedding supplies it can get pretty confusing deciding on the right option for a particular occasion. It’s enough to make you experience the dizzy wizzy end of design and after all certain events require a certain level of quality and you do not necessarily want a premium feel to come at inflated cost. To add to the confusion there are also many small businesses who offer countless party and event suppliers and services all over the world. They can be found easily on various platforms including etsy, Instagram, Facebook marketplace, and can make wedding planning a more affordable experience.

Small businesses who specialise in weddings can make various wedding supplies to make the experience more affordable, including invitations, cards, personalised designs, thank you cards, engagement invitations, guest books, cake toppers, cakes, christening invitations, birth announcements, personalized stationery baby announcements and social stationery.

Hiring a small business to assist in the graphic design side of a wedding can help increase the total cost of your wedding, while also creating memorable items that you can keep forever of your special day.

If your wedding values are elsewhere, saving a small cost in a wedding by hiring a small business means that you can spend more at say your honeymoon, a house or a family, if you decide to do so.

Noop offers various graphic design services, designed to give you the competitive edge, and include flyers, catalogues, brochures, packaging, merchandise, annual report design, signage, ads, logo design, corporate identity, customer illustration, books and magazines, 3D drawings/concepts, UI design, digital ads, banners, web assets, booths/exhibition design and menu deign.

When it comes to the visual identity of your business, quality graphic design is critical. It is common knowledge that the brain processes visual images faster than it can process text, but what might surprise you is that it processes those images around 60,000 times faster. So it won’t come as a shock when we tell you just how important it is to capture the right visual aesthetics for your business.

Here at Noop, we are Perth’s Cognitive Graphic Design Agency. Be the most stunning in the running, and captivate your customers and push your graphic design further than ever before. Whether you are just dipping your toes in the world of graphic design and marketing, or whether this is far from your first rodeo, Noop has the skills, technical ability and most importantly the understanding to get you there. Learn more about our graphic design services here.

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