May 12, 2019

Powerful Facebook Advertising Strategies

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When it comes to reach, Facebook Ads is a big deal in the online advertising space. Their variety of ad formats and ad targeting parameters also make the platform hard to ignore if you want to increase your company’s market penetration.

The average Australian spends around 40 minutes a day browsing their Facebook feed, which gives businesses plenty of opportunities to get in front of a highly targeted audience with Facebook Advertising.

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Powerful Facebook Advertising Perth Strategies

Here are a few ideas you could consider when developing your Facebook marketing strategy.

1. Facebook Advertising for Custom Audiences

There are two sides to the custom audience feature of Facebook Advertising. You can increase brand loyalty by only targeting existing customers. You can then tailor the message to increase customer engagement and boost order frequency.

If you plan to increase the number of leads in your sales funnel, you can also use a custom audience from the opposite angle. For example, a discount or free trial to entice new members won’t provide any advantage if existing customers view it, so you would exclude them from your target audience.

2. Target a Warm Audience With Facebook Advertising

If your audience has come across your brand before but haven’t paid it much attention or tried it out, you can create a custom audience to target this warm group. Select the engagement option, and the algorithm will serve Facebook ads to people who have previously engaged with your Facebook Page or Instagram profile.

3. Try Facebook Advertising Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are a powerful tool Facebook provides to advertisers that allows them to mirror a fan base, so you are targeting specific profiles that match your targets.

When you have created your lookalike audience, you can then tweak it to include broader targets or decrease it by making it more like your original audience.

4. Life Events Facebook Advertising Perth Targeting

If you are a certain type of business, you can create highly effective Facebook advertising Perth campaigns by targeting people who are going through a major life event. For instance, wedding planners or photographers could focus on couples who have just become engaged; funeral homes could get their Facebook ads campaign in front of people who have recently experienced a loss.

The list goes on: people who are planning a move would benefit by learning about your removal company, and real estate agents could create a highly targeted audience by getting their ads in front of investors. There are a ton of options on offer, so it’s highly likely there’s a life event from which your business could benefit.

5. Create an Evergreen Facebook Advertising Perth Campaign

Setting up Facebook ads campaigns is a lot of work, but you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Facebook provides three evergreen strategies to help you repurpose your old ads and keep them in circulation. Your options for an evergreen campaign include:

Awareness Facebook Advertising Campaigns – Share your brand story or product highlights with people who are most likely to engage with your business.

Lead Generation Campaigns – Once people have engaged with your company, it’s time to get some more information, such as an email address. You can do this by offering a free product, discount, or downloadable information, such as an eBook.

You don’t have to pick just one option to have an effective Facebook advertising campaign. You will have more success if you diversify your campaign with a variety of targeting options and create a customer persona. A persona gives you have a better idea on which Facebook ads targeting parameters will work for you and will help keep your Facebook ads cost to a minimum.

Facebook advertising can be overwhelming when you are just starting. Take advantage of its power and reach by through social media marketing Perth, which will be able to tailor a solution that is perfect for your company.

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