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Sea World Nara Resort | Classic 90s Web Design

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Internet marketing has changed a lot over the last couple of decades and this includes the world of website design and development, and if you need any kind of proof of this, look no further than the website for Sea World Nara Resort. In its heyday Sea World Nara Resort was one of Australia’s number one Theme Park Resorts, renowned for its excellent accommodation, superb facilities and friendly staff.

It was situated on Queensland’s glorious Gold Coast; the secluded and luxurious resort is bordered by a world-famous surf beach and the idyllic Broadwater. An attraction this famous would no doubt have had a great website, specifically built to showcase their array of attractions, right! Yes, they did, but looking back now the website for Sea World Nara Resort is incredible dated and oh so so…90’s! But you can’t blame them, everybody who had a web design in the 90’s looked 90’s!

A Classic 90’s website design from Sea World Nara Resort

Website Copy remains relatively similar over time

Things have really changed in the way a website is built and developed as technology has advanced exponentially in such a short period of time, but the one thing that hasn’t changed that much is the copy on the website, and Nara Resort is no different, with pages promoting their conference rooms and corporate facilities they still knew how to market themselves.

Promoting themselves through quotes such as “In Australia we have such a fantastic variety of product to ‘wow’ our guests.  Here on the Gold Coast, we also have the best holiday atmosphere – beaches, sunshine and friendly people.” Chef Solnicka stated. At Sea World Nara Resort, understanding, friendly staff and five-star luxury make certain that every guest is pampered on their holidays”  The website really pushed their fun and friendly theme park, they placed multiple big and bold eye-catching specials on their homepage which really took up most of the prime homepage real estate.

The Latest News from a 90’s Website

As social media wasn’t around 30 years ago the ‘latest news’ section of a website was used to promote new information and let users know about new and exciting things. Titled ‘That’s the Spirit!” here is a snippet from Sea World Nara’s June 2005 article promoting their ‘Spirit of the bay Whale Watching Cruise.’

Sea World Nara Resort is proud to launch an exciting new venture: Spirit of the Bay is set to operate the new Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching Cruise Service from the resort’s private jetty, from Wednesday 8 June 2005.

Spirit of Gold Coast is the second of Spirit of the Bay’s whale watching cruise vessels to commence operation, and the first to service the central and northern areas of the Gold Coast. Spirit of the Bay’s Marketing Manager, Wayne Marsh, believes, “We have expanded our operations to better service our Gold Coast customers. Our main priority is not to operate just as a tourist attraction, but to educate our guests and raise awareness of these magnificent creatures.”

With fifteen years experience, Spirit of the Bay, the pioneer of whale watching on the east coast of Australia, is proud to boast 99.3% whale sightings, as well as being the only boat to have sighted “Migaloo”, the majestic white whale, for two years running!

Sea World Nara Resort’s General Manager, Mr Ernst Pfister, is delighted to initiate this exciting new service, stating, “Spirit of the Bay has presented us with this great opportunity to offer our guests, and the general public, a unique and almost religious experience. Sea World Nara Resort always strives to be innovative, and whale watching is definitely something no other resort on the Gold Coast offers!”

Guests will have the opportunity to watch the annual migration of humpback whales from Antarctica to our local waters, aboard a 24 metre catamaran that carries up to 175 passengers and offers 360 degree views from both the upper and lower decks.

Tours will operate daily, departing at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Breakfast cruises are also available upon request, but minimum booking numbers apply. All cruises are between three to three and a half hours duration, and are available from June to November during the humpback whale migration season. Prices start from $89.00 per adult, and $50.00 per child, aged five to fifteen.

Spirit of Gold Coast features a detailed commentary, licensed bar plus complimentary tea & coffee, and is also available for charter for corporate functions, private parties, weddings and other special events

Adobe Flash Player for Websites

Now wouldn’t be a 90’s website unless you had Adobe Flash Player strategically placed for maximum nineties appeal. even these days you might come across an older website that as a little sad face on it, or an advise advising that its no longer supported. Here one last thing that we absolutely love about visiting a 90’s website like Sea World Nara Resort, and that’s the prices!!

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