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Xero – Smarter Accounting for Small Business

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Starting your own business can be an exhausting and trying experience, there are so many factors at play that’s it’s hard to pin point any one issue, particularly in the first few years when you are first finding your feet and you are going through the trial and error stage, sampling what works and what doesn’t work for your small business.

Most people assume that the hardest part of starting a business will come from the products and services you offer and largely that is true, but take into consideration the day to day running of your staff, your operations, your finances and booking keeping. Ensuring you’re behind the scenes operations are as streamlined and efficient as possible will undoubtedly free up your time as well as your mental energy so that you can focus on running the front end of your business. So where do you start, start at Xero.

Xero Accountants Perth | Smarter Accounting for Small Business

Simple & Affordable – Xero Small Business

=It’s a relatively new software but one that’s making a huge impact around the world on small business. Xero is internet based so there are no licences to buy or software to download, install and constantly update. On your desktop or laptop, you can access it through your web browser, install the app and you will have access to all your accounts and invoices on the on the go.

As many small business owners will agree, so much time is spent on reconciling accounts. It can be such a tedious job that often is put off to the last minute. But all that has changed, gone are the days of manually entering transactions, Xero offers a feature called “bank rules” which allows users to quickly set rules for regular transactions such as direct debits, interest and bank charges. Xero remembers and starts to make suggestions for reconciling regular transactions.

Another great feature that really impressed us was the payroll function. “Xero me” allows your employees access Xero to enter their timesheets which you then manage from the payroll tool. And don’t worry if all not all your employees are not tech savvy, the process is so simple and user friendly that it would be hard to go wrong.

Other accounting and bookkeeping software can be expensive when having to buy the licence upfront as well as pay an ongoing monthly fee, with Xero there is no upfront fee only a monthly subscription which varies depending on how the level of access you need, so you can start with the small pricing plan and move up as your business grows. They even offer a free trial so that you can try before you buy. But we are confident that once you starting using this great module, you will find its simplicity and features will having you breezing through your booking keeping in no time.

Xero Small Business Software

What’s truly impressive about the Xero module is that they are always updating and adding great new features to it, features that you have asked for or recommended so you really feel like they are listening. They never stop working to improve their systems and processes for you, the customer. This software is so simple and easy to use for small businesses that it will leave you wondering how you managed before it came along. If you’ve not already benefitted from the improved workflow of Xero and ease transacting with other Xero accounts Perth.

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