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Why and How You Should Set Up a Business YouTube Channel

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YouTube has undoubtedly become one of the biggest media platforms on the planet. With over 100 hours of video content uploaded every minute and 6 billion hours of video content viewed every month, it has easily become consumers most popular source of genre diverse video content. Whether it be educational videos, sports highlights, DIY tutorials and vlogs (video blogging) the opportunity for brands and companies to expand their consumer reach is massive.

However, the idea of brands and companies jumping onto the YouTube bandwagon is not a new phenomenon. With the increasing popularity of YouTube and the amount users that consume video content, it comes as no surprise that brands and companies that thrive to increase their online presence would take advantage of this platform. From dedicated brand YouTube channels to buying advertisement space on video content, the incessant desire to outwit competitors has led to an over-saturation of content to the extent that target consumers perceive it as noise.

Why and how you set up a business YouTube channel

As a social media marketing company, we know all too well that consumers have access to multiple tools that can assist in blocking out the “noise”. Tools such as ad block and content filters give consumers the freedom to not view content outside of their desired space. Some existing companies see this as a deterrent and an unnecessary use of company resources and may not even bother using YouTube as a platform for reaching more consumers.

Therefore, there is a need for creating content that consumers can differentiate from the rest. 

There are ways of penetrating this now overly saturated platform that both small and large businesses can benefit from and they include:

Influencer Collaboration – YouTube has many independent video creators that have huge followings on YouTube. This is an opportunity for businesses and creators to form mutually beneficial relationships. For example, a startup retail business could partner with a video creator that produces content that aligns with the businesses values and ethos and has a significant following of perhaps over 10 000 people to mention, wear or promote the businesses products in every video.

The advantage in doing this is that conversions will significantly be higher because there is an element of credibility and trustworthiness that stems from the relationship between the creator and the followers. Paying the creator a retainer fee will become an insignificant expense once consumers start visiting your business site.

Creating a participatory channel – Creating a YouTube channel to showcase your businesses products and services is one thing but creating an online space where direct consumer involvement is key will yield higher conversions. The comment section on YouTube videos is immensely underutilized by businesses in creating a loyal consumer base and winning over potential consumers. Directly responding to consumers and merely liking comments under YouTube videos may seem like a mundane task but it goes a long way in forming solid relationships with consumers.

Taking on consumer related video suggestions and reposting consumer produced content creates a consumer related participatory culture that can boost a businesses following and popularity.

Go Live – YouTube’s live feature allows users to stream live content to viewers while allowing viewers to directly comment. This feature is accessible to any YouTube account but implementing it effectively to generate consumer involvement is what matters.

Businesses can use the live feature to showcase new products and how they work.

A live product demonstration will not only prompt consumer desire, but it also allows consumers to ask questions and raise concerns and receive answers and updates on the spot. The live feature can also be used to take consumers with you wherever you go. For example, a retail/fashion brand could give its viewers an exclusive sneak peek at a fashion show. This goes a long way in building a relationship with consumers as they will feel like they are a part of the brand, rather than a mere customer.

Create a video series/segment – Giving your viewers consistent and engaging content is the main aim of any YouTube creator. However, giving viewers something to look forward to on a regular basis paves the way for a growth in followers. A business can benefit from creating a weekly segment that addresses certain topics that align with their business values. For example, a Tech business could release a weekly 20-minute episode on current digital trends. Not only does this create diversity across the channel but it shows consumers that the business is dedicated to providing its viewers with up to date information surrounding their field of expertise.

It’s key to note that YouTube produced content can be integrated with and used to diversify content on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The reluctance of using YouTube as one of a businesses primary tools in communicating and connecting with consumers stems from the lack of enough knowledge in using all of YouTube’s capabilities. While immensely saturated with competitors, YouTube has even more online consumers that can be reeled in if the right strategies and tactics are put into place.

Your business may be in need of a structured YouTube strategy that will boost its social media following and ultimately mean higher consumer conversions. We can help get your business where it needs to be.

With expertise in formulating social media strategies, we can help your business realise its true potential. Our commitment in delivering process driven results places us in a position to fully engage your business in the YouTube sphere.

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