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5 Tips for Facebook Page Likes and Followers

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There’s no denying the importance of a strong social media marketing presence to improve brand strength and trust in the eyes of your ideal audience. That’s why at Noop we believe it takes thoughtful, deliberate strategy and cleverly executed and positioning to stay ahead of the competition. Facebook is an app which is universally used by people of varying ages to stay connected to family, friends and events occurring near them. Optimising and improving your Facebook business page is a great way to gain more likes and followers, which works to promote and increase the popularity of your band

Likes versus Followers
It is important to know that in the world of Facebook, likes and followers are not the same thing. A fan of a page is someone who likes it, this means that they follow your page and publicly associate themselves with it. Followers on the other hand are those who receive the page updates but to not publicly associate and align themselves with the page.
The most ideal outcome on Facebook is for an individual to both a like and follow the page, as the combination acts as social proof for those who unsure about brand.

Tip 1 – Improve your page

Completing the “About” section of your Facebook page is important in legitimising and encouraging a deeper look into the page. Choosing key words that relate to your brand, while also hitting popular searched items is a great way to increase the awareness of the page.

Popups can help encourage people to follow the page or at least like it. It is crucial to choose the right moments for the notification to pop up and encourage action by the viewer, to prevent users getting annoyed. A good rule of thumb to follow is:

  • When a user has viewed your site and looked at two or more pages
  • After a set period, which allows them to view your content first
  • Before the user leaves the site

Tip 2: Improve your URL
A URL which is simple and clean remains easy to search and remember. URLs with random letters and numbers in the URL (i.e., can appear less professional, when compared to a cleaner URL (

Tip 3: Increase Accessibility
Business newsletters have become the norm, sent out to subscribers and loyal supporters to stay updated. Each newsletter has a pre-existing fanbase subscribed to its information, by attaching a link to your Facebook business page, viewers can access the page without having to spend time searching for it.
Cross promotions are effective in their ability to spread awareness for the brand along multiple platforms. This can be achieved by simply posting an image or a video with the description mentioning the Facebook page briefly (i.e., “For more information visit our Facebook page” or “To see more of our work, see our Facebook page.”
Optimising email signatures by attaching a link to your Facebook page can increase page awareness and accessibility. Alternatively, sending out a quick email to ask customers to like the Brand’s Facebook page can make the difference between a well performing page and a simply existing one.

Tip 4: Target the audience
Audience centred posts which relate to and respect the image of the brand are important in encouraging engagement with spectators.
As with anything, there is a prime time to post to best optimise the page engagement. Understanding your audience will help you understand the prime time to post the content for the best engagement.
Going live is another way to promote the Facebook page and encourage engagement. Going live allows for direct interaction with those who follow the page or have it come up on their feed, sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to click.

Tip 5: Promotions of plenty
A wonderful way to engage with the public is to post questions which engage the interest of the public. This encourages users to comment and interact further than to just simply scroll past. People become more encouraged to follow and like after they have engaged with a post on one or multiple occasions.
Choosing to run promotions and giveaways is the best way to increase the likes and the followers on a Facebook page. People are likely to follow to stay connected on the next giveaway or promotion, to not miss the next potential big win.

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