Gerling | A Look Back at the Alternative Australian Electronic Band

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Gerling were an Australian band who focused on electronic and alternative rock music. The band formed in 1993, and consisted of artists Darren Cross, guitarist and lead vocalist, Paul Towner on drums, and Burke Reid, guitarist and vocalist.

Since the start of Gerling, the trio released four albums, which include “Children of Telepathic Experiences,” “When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun,” “Bad Blood!!!” and “4,” and one EP, which includes “A Day of Research”, and even made it on to the top 50 ARIA Charts.

Marketing Gerling

Aside from their albums making it on to the charts, Gerling made various singles that made it onto the Australian Charts, including their songs “Enter, Space Capsule,” “Dust Me Selecta,” “Hot Computer,” and “Who’s Ya Daddy?” peaked on the Australian Top 100’s Charts, while their songs “Enter, Space Capsule,” “Dust Me Selecta,” and “Who’s Ya Daddy?” peaked on the Triple J Hottest 100 Charts.

In 2007 the trio parted ways, to venture on to their own projects. Notably, Darren Cross announced is solo DJ/hip-hop project as the E.L.F., while Paul Towner produced visual art and Burke Reid started his music production career.
Although Gerling went their separate ways to embark on their own musical journey’s, why do bands break up? Money, creative differences within the group, and a standstill in success despite all the effort put into the project are all issues bands have that can lead to long term issues. Additionally, a big reason as to why bands break up is similar as the case of Australian Band Gerling. A lot of the time, a band will break up and go their separate ways due to the lack of success as a group, and the opportunity to be more successful as an induvial artist.

Can the inevitable band break up be prevented? Or is this split unavoidable?

Long gone are the days where you would buy CD’s in store or listen to the radio to find new artists. Online streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music are the new way artists get their music out there. But it is not just the music that is important to get right, it is what goes in to the pre and post launch of the music that is also crucial for success, and it is all about creating that hype and excitement around a release.

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To create an audience for your music, it is important to research your audience, and discover where they are frequently, to target the digital marketing channels they use, and to ensure your digital marketing efforts are going to be beneficial. From here, you must build and maintain this digital presence for long term benefits. It is important to create a Digital Marketing Strategy to work towards, and adjust when needed.

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