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Isobel Redmond, Encouraging South Australian Female Politicians since 2002.

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Isobel Redmond, born on April 8th 1953 in New South Wales, Australia, is a former Australian politician. Prior to her life in politics in the 1970s, Isobel set up her own legal firm, working as a solicitor for 25 years. Aside from Isobel’s work life, Isobel has been married to Jim Redmond since 1974, and have three children together, who are all grown up now, Noah Redmond, Vanessa Redmond and Matthew Redmond

In the start of her career in politics, Isobel was a member for the electoral district of Heysen in the South Australian House of Assembly from 2002 to 2018. Following this between the years of 2009 and 2012, Isobel was the parliamentary leader of the South Australian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia, and the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of South Australia.

From all of Isobel’s success in Parliament, one of her greatest achievements was becoming the first female leader of a South Australian major party. Under Isobel’s leadership, she guided the liberals to winning 18 of 46 seats in the South Australian House of Assembly during the 2010 election, which was three more seats than the 2006 election had. Isobel later resigned as leader of the Liberal Party in 2013, where she put her focus into being a Member of the South Australian Parliament for Heysen.

Not only was Isobel the first female leader of a South Australian Major party, prior to her political career, Isobel was also elected the first female president of the Stirling Rotary Club in 1999. From being the first female president of the Stirling Rotary Club to being the first female leader of a South Australian Major party, Isobel paved the way for women in leadership and power.

Aside from being the first female leader of a South Australian major party, Isobel also has a strong focus in community involvement which she brought to the board. Isobel has served on the District Council, Hospital Board, Road Safety Advisory Council and South Australian Ambulance Board, to name a few.

Isobel later retired from Parliament in 2018 at the State election. Isobel’s desire to become a minister was no longer an option for her at the 2018 State election. Although Isobel was capable to do the job at her age, she decided it was time to retire at 65, meaning she would be coming to 69 at the end of the term. As a job that requires 60 plus hours a week, Isobel did not think she would be able to put her all into the job in the current position she is in.

Since retirement, Isobel has taken some well needed time off to focus of her personal life, in particular, her home life. After 40 years in the large family home, Isobel is selling her home in the hills of Stirling to offered an incredible amount of privacy for the politician, and was a haven for Isobel. Not only was this Isobel’s home, but a place the Liberal Party was able to come together to hold various meetings, barbecues, and end of year parties. Just about all members of the Liberal Party in the state team have visited her home at least once.

Since Isobel’s retirement in 2018, Steven Marshall was allected as South Australia’s 46th premier. Born on January 21 1968, Steven is a part of the Liberal Party of Australia Since 2010, Steven has been a member of the South Australian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia in the South Australian House of Assembly, and represents Dunstan, previously known as Norwood.

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