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Pepsi Samba – A Refreshingly Clever Advertising Campaign

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The Pepsi Samba Marketing Campaign released in Australia in 2005, and introduced their new flavoured cola, ‘Pepsi Samba, which was a tropical flavoured Pepsi, which was an exotic cola, with a mango and tamarind flavour. The advertisement consisted of a pair of legs dancing around the street, until they connect to the legs top half, who is in fact drinking a Pepsi Samba. This television commercial launched their new product, while celebrating Latin American Rhythms.

Pepsi had to be strategic with the timing of new launches, as just one minor slip up could have put them in major risk of falling extremely behind, and losing their competitive advantage against their number one competitor, Coca-Cola. In this case, in 2005, it was vital that Pepsi built their core brand and product up, before introducing product innovation, and releasing new Pepsi flavours.

A Clever Advertising Campaign

Pepsi Samba is one of Pepsi’s many twists on their classic cola beverage. Other Pepsi twists include Pepsi Wild Cherry, Pepsi Vanilla, Pepsi Candy, Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Ginger, and Pepsi Blue, just to name a few.

The Pepsi Brand are noticeably big on advertising campaigns, especially in video/television commercial format, when launching a new product flavour.

Aside from their Pepsi Samba Marketing Campaign, Pepsi have various advertisements that stand out. These include “Pepsi Generation” featuring Michael Jackson in 1984, “Joy of Pepsi” featuring Britney Spears in 2001, “Pepsi Creation” featuring David Bowie and Tina Turner in 1987, and also “Grown Woman” featuring Beyonce in 2013. Together, these advertisements reach millions of Pepsi’s target audience, while being entertaining to watch.

Pepsi utilise various traditional advertising strategies for their brand. These traditional advertising strategies include television ads, radio ads, billboards, magazine ads, newspaper aps and direct mailings. Additionally, Pepsi also utilise digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing. As an established business, Pepsi are aware of their target audience, and where they are present, and are able to target their advertising strategies accordingly.

Additionally, Pepsi make the use of partnerships and sponsorships to gain brand awareness. Specifically, Pepsi utilize sports marketing, partnering with various athletes and targeting their big crowds. At first glance, this may seem like a costly option, however, a brand as big as Pepsi, who have been in the industry for 56 years, see’s a huge long term return on investment using these strategies, therefore making these options financially viable for the brand

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